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The best thing about being the Dean of Boyce College is the students. Since coming to the college in August, I have met some of the most Christ-centered, committed students that I have ever known. I am grateful to be here and so very thankful to have the opportunity to serve them. If I could share the blessing that they are to me with you, I would.

There is at least one student, however, that I can share with you. His name is Marcus Williams (with the stage-name “Flame”), and he is a hip-hop artist with Cross Movement Records. He has released four albums since 2004 and has been nominated for a Dove Award. I just downloaded my first Flame MP3 last night (“See More Him“), and it is good stuff. He is probably the only hip-hop artist you’ll ever hear to rap about the hypostatic union (“The Godhead“).

I am not the kind of Dean who would pander to his students by pretending to be more cool than he actually is. Nor am I the type who tries use hip lingo while not realizing that he is about eight years behind what’s actually cool. I’m just not down wit dat (word!). Nevertheless if you want to hear some real fly tunes from a guy who is da bomb, then don’t wait another minizzle. Go download or order some Flame tunes right now. They are off the chiZane.

Russell Moore interviewed Flame on “The Albert Mohler Program” last Spring. You can download it here or listen to it below.


One more thing, here’s Flame’s website.


  • D.J. Williams

    No question – the best Christian music being produced today is coming from the hip-hop realm. Flame contributed to 13 Letters, the best CD I’ve bought in the last few years. I just bought the new Lecrae album, which is also awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.

  • Brian (Another)

    This cracked me up, thanks, Dr. Burk. I would concur with D.J. (as I am a fan of LaCrae and Tedashii (I know, I’m behind the times myself)). I appreciate the point. Plus I’m happy that Dr. Burk is moving beyond Hannah Montana (I knew that gem from Dr. Moore would come back up!).

  • Paul Butterworth

    Cross Movement records is the gold standard for me. I recently got a copy of “Our World Redeemed” and love it.

    While y’all are dropping beats in your Escalade Hybrids, pick up Shai Linne’s “The Atonement.” It is an entire album about, well…

  • Mark Tucker

    I would like to recommend Shai Linne’s album “Atonement”. Biblical and straightforward, it is the Gospel proclaimed with integrity, though, with a hip-hop beat…but tastefully done.

  • jonathan bennett

    i’ve been listening to this stuff for a LONNNG time, and have only grown more and more impressed with these brothers. just to make it easy for you, anything from,, and/or is good to get. shai linne is a good friend of my wife and me and he is one of the most godly, theologically knowledgable, and humble men we have ever met. thanks Denny for promoting these men.

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