Don’t waste your life in pornolescence

Tim Challies has a helpful, pastoral word about young people who are wasting the best years of their lives on pornography. He calls it “pornolescence.” He writes:

An overlooked cost, and one that will only become clear in time, is that porn is stealing the best years from a million young Christian men and women. Porn is dominating their lives during their teens and twenties. It is controlling their lives during those years when energy is high and responsibility is low, when the world lies open before them and the possibilities are endless, when they are charting the trajectories for the rest of their lives. Their dreams and their abilities are being hampered and squelched by a reckless commitment to sin…

Time will prove that this is one of the gravest costs of pornography: It is stealing the best years from so many young Christians. It is stunting their spiritual growth and delaying their entrance into Christian ministry and service. These are the people who represent the future of the church—future elders, future deacons, future women’s ministry leaders, future youth leaders, future children’s workers, future mentors, future missionaries, future seminary professors, future defenders of the faith, future denominational heads, and on and on. But with each click, with each video, with each unblushing exposure to what God deems abhorrent, they choose to worship a god in place of the God. And all the while they delay their entrance into maturity, into leadership, into who and what God calls them to be.

If this is you, hear my plea: For the sake of Christ’s church, and out of love for Christ’s church, put that sin to death. Do it for Him, and do it for us.

This is such a needed word. Go read the rest here.


  • Ian Shaw

    Sexual sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than what you want to stay and cost more than you could ever pay. It must be defined and identified, reconciled with God and must be killed in it’s infancy before it becomes a full fledged monster.

    Victory over sexual idolatry is possible for anyone. Church is doing a great men’s study on this right now with a book/workbook called ‘At the altar of sexual idolatry’. Starting to see a lot of change in the men that are working through it.

  • Ian Shaw

    Odd, this is a issue that is very prevelant in churches and as a whole, churches have been pretty silent on sexual sin. Judging by the few responses in this thread, it appears the status quo is allive and well.

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