Do You Have $3.5 Million in Your Attic?

I was an avid comic book collector as a kid. I had a notion that the rags I was collecting might someday be worth something, so I stored them all in little plastic bags. I don’t know what they’re worth today, but I’m sure that it’s far less than I was hoping when I was a kid.

But that wasn’t the case for Michael Rorrer who recently found 345 comic books neatly stacked in a basement closet as he cleaned out his great-aunt’s Virginia home after her death. He didn’t know that they were collector’s items and sat on them for a long time. He mentioned something about them to a friend at work and discovered that he had a collection worth millions of dollars. Among the rare comics he had found were the first appearance of Superman (1938) and the first appearance of Batman (1939). At a recent auction the Superman sold for $299,000 and the first issue of Batman for $523,000. By the end of the auction, the comics had sold for $3.5 million.

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  • Reg Schofield

    When I read this story I joked with my sons that if I still had all the comics I collected in the 60’s,70’s and early 80’s , I could pay for their education. But I lost many to a house fire and the rest I sold off , cheaply I might add , when I was about to get married and thought I was all grown up. In my wife’s defense if one is thinking she wanted me to , she told me not to . That they were part of my growing up and that I would regret it . Well she was right. Not for any loss in a monetary sense , but just for real fun of reading those tales would be again.

    I was mostly a Marvel guy and loved Captain America , Spidey , Avengers , Fantastic Four , Thor , Iron Man , Hulk etc.. I did collect Batman and The Flash . I guess for me they were my generations video games and if I might add , much cooler .

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