Ohio State’s must-see Michael Jackson tribute

Ohio State University’s marching band did the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a marching band do during the halftime of Saturday’s game. In the midst of a musical tribute to Michael Jackson, they actually formed into a figure of Michael Jackson which moonwalked across the field. This is not to be missed. You can watch the highlights above. There’s a fast-motion version below. And at the bottom, you can watch the entire halftime show.


  • James Bradshaw

    Brilliant! There’s a reason they’re called the “The Best D*** Band in the Land!”

    I live in Columbus and can tell you that it is a gem of a city whether you’re a sports fan or an arts aficionado. I’ve lived in Los Angeles and New York, but Columbus is home. People are by-and-large genuine and kind, the cost of living is reasonable and there are a million places to shop and eat great food. There’s a strong spirit of community and service here as well. Every place I’ve worked strongly encourages donating one’s time to various causes and will facilitate your doing so.

    True … the weather is unpleasant for perhaps a third of the year and the scenery is lacking … but one can’t have everything, I suppose.

  • Ian Shaw

    “People are by-and-large genuine and kind”

    That’s why the one time I attended a game there wearing UofM clothing I was cursed at, spit on and one very “kind” gentleman made many references to my mother and sister….

    But as a former WMU BMB member, their field show was pretty dope.

  • Lynn Burgess

    Michael Jackson was a sad character in life who likely greatly harmed children and now he is lost for eternity; I cannot be excited about a tribute to him.

  • Ian Shaw

    Calling it right now. They needs a Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker fight and have the band members swing at each other as lightsabers during a night game and kill half the lights to see it. That would be epic.

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