Did Christ die for us or God?

In 1998, a Copernican Revolution was in the offing in my life. It began like a thunderbolt with a sermon from John Piper on Romans 3:25-26. I was studying theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, yet this message delivered at a collegiate conference was the most important thing I heard during my seminary career. It was the most powerful exposition of the innermost meaning of the cross that I had ever heard.

As you meditate on the cross this Good Friday, I thought you might benefit from it too. Download here or listen below.



  • Ryan K.

    Amazing how this single message has made such an indelible impact on the spiritual trajectories of so many.

    I heard this message on CD in 2000 while in college and my life was forever changed.

    The paradigm shift that this message caused set the course for my ministry.

    I still hand out this message to guys that I mentor and leaders in my church, and pray that God would effect the same change in them that he has done in so many through this sermon that Piper gave 13 years ago.

  • yankeegospelgirl

    This is my first John Piper sermon. Absolutely breathtaking. It makes Rob Bell and his ilk look about the size of a pea.

    As I listened towards the end, I was reminded of a Steven Curtis Chapman song called “Much of You.” He wrote it after reading a book by John Piper. I think he got it.

    Thank you so much for posting this. I needed something like this to meditate on today.

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