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David Robinson Represents

David Robinson was inducted into the basketball hall of fame last week. He gave a short speech that Voddie Baucham has praised in this way:

“David Robinson is far from perfect.  I’m sure he has as many flaws, foibles and faults as the rest of us.  However, for seven minutes, he represented his team, his family, and his Lord very well.  And he showed us all how attractive humility and grace can be.”

I agree. See video above to watch it for yourself.


  • Micah Carter

    Does it look like Tim Duncan says “Praise God” at the beginning of the clip when Robinson is invited up on stage?

    Very cool.

  • James Cole

    I absolutely loved that speech! I watched it live and it brought tears to my eyes. I specifically enjoyed how he publicly honored his wife and told his sons that he loved them and was proud of them.

  • Jeff

    Thanks Denny for posting this. What a great example for men of what it looks like to exhibit humility and a faithful walk with Christ. To hear an athelete acutally give the Scripture reference, in context, and an appropriate application. . . WOW! Thanks and may God work in us all in such a way.

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