Counseling Shake-up at SBTS

Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), is taking some hits in the local and national media for his shake-up of SBTS’s counseling program. Moore comments about the hubbub on his blog.

The Louisville Courier-Journal (here) and the Associated Press (here) portrayed the changes in a negative light. The editorial in the Courier-Journal (here) was particularly critical. The editors said that the changes represented a “retreat from the mainstream of American life.” I suppose that’s supposed to be a derogatory remark, but it sounds awfully good to me. The last thing that we need is a Christian counseling program taking its cues from the dysfunctional “mainstream of American life.”


  • RosieBoo

    What the media seems to miss is that most all psychological problems begin with sin in our lives. Granted, as Dr. Moore pointed out, they are not ignoring the need for medication in some instances, but it shouldn’t always be the first answer.

    As someone who does lay counseling, if I decided to do it professionally, in either the Christian field or secular, I’d begin with a foundation in biblical counseling training, and follow that with any additional training. Like our Christian walk, no matter where we walk, it all begins with the solid foundation of the Word.

  • Amandas Brother

    “mainstream American life”
    Divorce, Addiction, Homosexuality

    It means the same thing and we must be different from “mainstream America” God bless Russell Moore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Hey denny!!! what up dog?

    I havent read about the changes yet, but you can bet that if a Christian makes any kind of public move that could be construed as exclusivist in its views, it is going to take a hit from the media.

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