Compromising God’s Standards for Sexuality

Tim Challies suggests five ways in which Christians may compromise God’s standards for sexuality. He writes,

It is not only unbelievers who compromise God’s standards for sexuality. We, as Christians, allow compromise to creep into our lives, and from there into our marriages, and from there into our churches. We, too, as compromisers. We, too, need the grace of God to resist the endless temptations to give up God’s good standards and to live by our own.

Here are the five ways to compromise:

1. We compromise God’s standard for sexuality when we leave the gospel out of the marriage bed.

2. We compromise when we disobey the clear biblical command that in marriage we are to have sex, and that we are to have it frequently, willingly and joyfully.

3. We compromise when we do not train our children to understand God’s good design for sex and when we do not train them to avoid sexual temptation.

4. We compromise God’s standard when we swim in the cultural mainstream.

5. We compromise God’s standards when we commit sexual sin.

The discussion under each of these points is very helpful, and you can read it here.


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