• donsands

    Not sure that Grace is the best word, but Chris Matthew’s definition of grace is probably different than mine.
    Genuine concern, and simply trying to be of help in some way is how I would see Christian Bale’s going to Aurora.

    Thanks for posting this. It was good to see, and made me reflect. God is so good.

  • Reg Schofield

    Bale took some heat a few years ago concerning an outburst on set but the guy is an intense actor . People forget I’m sure we all have had moments that we are glad the media or camera’s aren’t rolling but then again , God knows . From reading a bit about him over the last couple of years he is involved in many charities and does stuff like this , usually under the radar. Classy and the fact it brought a bit of light and hope to those who have suffered great loss , is a great thing. A little kindness in dark times can go a long way.

  • Dan Phillips

    Yep, Reg. Nobody’s proposing a new star be added to the heavens. But it is nice to see an exception (to any degree) to the self-centered narcissism so common to such a privileged class, and that’s worth a verbal high-five such as Denny’s.

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