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ESPN Apologizes for Commentary; Season over

You know it’s a blowout when the commentators stop commenting on the game and start commenting on the quarterback’s girlfriend. That’s what happened last night during Alabama’s rout of Notre Dame. As the camera flashed to the stands and focused on A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend former Miss Alabama, Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit offered kudos to McCarron for such a favorable match. Today, ESPN issued an apology and admitted that the commentary seemed to go a bit too far. It was a sideshow during what turned out to be a very boring game. It was so boring that people still aren’t talking about the game but the sideshow!

For me I’m glad the season is finally over. It was not a good year for my fandom. LSU returned some of the most talented players in the country last Fall, but still only managed to put together a mediocre season. In their biggest game of the yearβ€”the rematch with Alabamaβ€”the Tigers lost by a hair in the final minute and a half of the game. It was sickening and pretty much set off a big stink bomb over the rest of the season. LSU finished #12 in the Coach’s Poll and #14 in the AP. *audible groan*

Louisiana Tech had their best season in the history of their football program. Yet somehow somebody somewhere botched their invitation to the Independence Bowl. As a result, the Bulldogs missed the post-season altogether. *double audible groan*

So yes, I’m glad the season is done. I suppose this will be my final post on college football until next Fall. Yes, I can hear your cheers even now echoing through cyberspace. Until then, back to regular programming.


  • Andy Moffat

    On the plus side, as a Canadian, I should like to mention that the NHL strike is over and we will have hockey back in the next week or so. I would be happy to guest column on that Denny – I mean, I know you’re interested. Right Denny? … uh Denny… where’d you go?

  • Larry Geiger

    LSU would have taken out ND.
    Georgia would have taken out ND.
    Texas A&M would have taken out ND.
    Probably Florida or South Carolina could have done the job.
    I don’t know, maybe even Oregon or KState.
    Sort of pitiful and I don’t have cable and couldn’t even watch the game. That was REALLY PITIFUL!! National championship on ESPN. Yuck. No wonder the commentary disintegrated into foolishness.

    It’s ok, LSU and Florida will be back. Watch out all you wannabes!

  • Matthew

    Sooner fan here… despite the unrealistic expectations of many of my fellow alumni, I’m actually pleased with how things shook out. I’d hoped for 10 wins and a major bowl, and that was exactly what I got.

    We just didn’t have it together this year, and were inconsistent on both sides of the ball.

    Landry Jones, though an excellent young man and above-average college quarterback, proved he wasn’t a pressure performer. Time and time again he forced passes into coverage rather than taking what the defense gave. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn’t. If he can get some good mechanics coaching at the next level he might just make it.

    Defensively we danced with the devil. We sat back when we should’ve attacked and attacked when we should’ve attacked. I’m willing to give Mike Stoops the benefit of the doubt until he gets “his guys” in there. But the clock is ticking. Our D was front runners, good against weak teams buy cowered against tough opponents. Just up and quit against A&M.

    Can’t wait ’til next year. πŸ˜‰

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