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Tim Challies Embraces the Greatest Disappointment in All of Human History

When the iPad first came out, Tim Challies gave it a scathing review, calling it “the greatest disappointment in all of human history.” Well, that was then, and this is now. In that earlier review, Challies said that the Kindle did one thing, and it did it better than the iPad. In his latest review, he compares the Kindle with the iPad and says that he will be using the iPad from now on to read books. I think his change of heart is due in no small part to the Kindle for iPad app. Watch the video above, and see if you are ready to drink the Kool-aid too. I think I am.

You’re the man, Tim!


  • John

    The iPad will never be as good of a book reader as the Kindle. But it will always be a far greater “media-consumption” device. Interestingly, the architecture of the iPad virtually ensures that it will never be a media producing device. I am thinking that my Macbook serves as my media producing device, and my smart-phone serves as my media consuming device – and if I really really want to read an e-book, perhaps the Kindle, as it works in sunlight, at the beach, etc. Truthfully, I can’t justify the cost of either. However, the iPad is probably the best thing that ever happened to Kindle. People will buy it to consume media, and also use the Kindle for iPad app. Without it, I can see Kindle and the whole eBooks thing fading into the BetaCam sunset.

  • Leo

    Kindle for iPad is great combination! (Yes note-taking is important, I think iBook would fix that soon in the next version.)

    BTW, with Logos on iPad ( also available, iPad should be a no-brainer for us. Perhaps preaching over the notes on iPad.

  • DennyReader

    I think cost is the biggest obstacle for the ipad. Other than the initiate cost for the device, there is also a 3G charge. I heard that it was about $30/mo? If you get the version without the 3G then you will not be able to buy books unless you have a Wi-Fi connection. Not only that if you don’t have 3G then the ipad defaults to nothing more than an overpriced reader.

  • Greg Phelps

    Great review. Very helpful and clear. The Kindle is on my ‘be sensible’ Christmas wish list. The iPad on my ‘if I win the lottery’ list. Meanwhile, as $$ is my constraint, so will I continue to joyfully embrace those Half-Price Books and Amazon used book deals.

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