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Boyce College student is stabbed and forgives attacker

I was coming out of a movie theater on Sunday evening when I received word that one of our students at Boyce College, Joshua Lewis, was stabbed while on the job delivering pizzas. It just so happens that Joshua was making a delivery to a local hospital. For that reason, he was able to get immediate medical attention for a collapsed lung after the attack. Obviously, our entire campus has been concerned for this brother, who is in stable condition now and posting updates to Facebook.

Over the course of the week, the story of his pizza delivery has been widely reported across the country—some of it a little sensationalized. In any case, I am really grateful for two things: (1) The Lord spared Joshua’s life. This might have come out very differently than it did, and I am so grateful that Joshua is recovering. Praise the Lord for that. (2) Joshua has forgiven his attacker. NBC News reports:

Police said no arrests have been made. As far as [Joshua] Lewis is concerned, however, “I’m not really holding a grudge against him,” he said Wednesday.

“If he was in the same room as me right now, I would tell him what he did isn’t okay, but I would tell him that I forgive him and try to share the gospel with him and show him Christ.”

Well amen to that. We have no greater joy than to hear that our students are walking in the truth (3 John 4). And I’m grateful that’s what we’re hearing from Joshua. As you think about it, pray for Joshua. And pray for his attacker, who is still at large.

UPDATE: Joshua was released from the hospital earlier today. Latest news here.

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