Behold the Horror of Abortion

China has forced its citizens to endure its gruesome “one child” policy for 30 years now. The law allows urban families to have only one child and rural families to have two children if their first child is a girl. Those who get pregnant beyond the legal limit of children are forced either to pay a fine or to abort their unborn child. For years, we have heard horrific stories of forced abortions in China —women coerced by their government to have their own babies killed.

Sadly, today that ongoing atrocity has a face, and her name is Feng Jianmei. Feng was seven months pregnant with her second child, a baby girl, when government officials made it known to her that she did not qualify as a “rural” citizen. She would either have to pay a hefty fine or be forced to abort her daughter. Feng and her husband are very poor, and had no means to pay the fine. So government officials showed up at her home when her husband was away, abducted her from her home, took her to a medical facility, and murdered her daughter in utero.

Feng’s sister witnessed the atrocity and took a picture of Feng laying in her hospital bed next to her murdered daughter. This has to be the ugliest, most heart-wrending picture that I have ever seen. I didn’t want to look at it, but I made myself. I think you should make yourself look at it as well, and then weep. View it here.

The Chinese government has already confirmed the basic outlines of this story and is acting shocked at this violation of its family planning “policies” (read here). Their shock is a fabrication as it is an open secret that this is not an isolated case. It happens all too often under China’s merciless “one child” regime.

NBC News obtained an interview with Feng and asked her about claims from local officials that she had agreed to the abortion. Feng said, “No, I didn’t agree to do it. How can I agree to do that, as a mother?” Feng sobbed when NBC News asked her what happened next, and she was too upset to think about it. She said that the “officials who kidnapped her disappeared after the abortion, and she’s still suffering from a constant headache.”

NBC News also reported this:

Feng’s conversation with NBC News was interrupted three times by what she said were government cadres entering her hospital ward to talk.

When asked what she would do next or whether they will seek legal help, she uttered an answer in a very low voice: “I have no idea.”

This story just takes my breath away. I can hardly bear to think about it. But I will. And I won’t forget Feng or her little girl, and I hope you won’t either. She was a precious, innocent child created in the image of Almighty God. As is the case with every elective abortion, her killing was an incalculable horror. Behold the face of abortion. Because this is what it is.



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