Albert Mohler Comments on Evangelical Critics

Albert Mohler has a must-read column at It appeared as a lead story on the front page of all day Sunday, and there is a good reason for that. He asks and answers the questsion, “Are evangelicals dangerous?” He surveys a number of different items from the news over the last year showing that there are many in our culture who think that evangelicals are indeed dangerous. Mohler shows that those people tend to be secularists whose vision of the world is rather parochial. Commenting on Ryan Lizza’s hit-piece on Michelle Bachmann last summer, Mohler writes,

What stories like this really show is that the secular elites assume that their own institutions and leaders are normative.

He is right on the money with this one. Read the rest of it here.


  • Thomas More

    I like Mohler’s piece, but he again defends Bachmann against Ryan Lizza without ever accounting for Bachmann (and Perry and Gingrich and Brownback, et al) having an association with the people from IHOP in Kansas City and other very odd third-wave charistmatics….the type who are far, far outside the bounds of normal evangelicalism. Disappointing that only Michael Horton seems to have the courage to take this on.

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