Al Mohler’s Change of Heart on the Women’s Issue

Dr. R. Albert MohlerIt is widely known that Dr. R. Albert Mohler is a staunch proponent of complementarianism. What is not so widely known is that Dr. Mohler was at one time a staunch proponent of egalitarianism.On his “Conventional Thinking” weblog, Dr. Mohler recounts the story of a conversation with Dr. Carl F. H. Henry in the mid-1980’s that provoked his change of heart.

Walking across the campus, Dr. Henry simply stopped me in my tracks and asked me how, as one who affirms the inerrancy of the Bible, I could possibly deny the clear teaching of Scripture on this question. I was hurt, embarrassed –and highly motivated to answer his question.

I launched myself on a massive research project, reading everything I could get on both sides . . .

Nevertheless, my study of the question led me to a very uncomfortable conclusion — my advocacy of women in the teaching office was wrong, violative of Scripture, inconsisent with my theological commitments, injurious to the church, unsubstantiated, and just intellectually embarrassing.

Here is a great story about what we should all be willing to do when faced with a situation in which the scripture contradicts our preconceived notions. Dr. Mohler’s story is a compelling one, so I hope you will take time to read the rest of “Frank Page–Caught in the Act of Changing His Mind.”

(HT: Russell Moore)

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