Sunday in Haiti

“Think of our new village here as the home of Jesus Christ, not the scene of a disaster. Life is not a disaster. Life is joy! You don’t have food? Nourish yourself with the Lord. You don’t have water? Drink in the spirit.”

-Rev. Joseph Lejeune, Evangelical Pastor in Port-Au-Prince

The lines above are but one example of the sermons being preached in Port-Au-Prince on Sunday morning, according to a NY Times report.

In varying versions, this scene repeated itself throughout the Haitian capital on Sunday. With many of their churches flattened and their priests and pastors killed, Haitians desperate for aid and comfort beseeched God to ease their grief. Carrying Bibles, they traversed the dusty, rubble-filled streets searching for solace at scattered prayer gatherings.

One Response to Sunday in Haiti

  1. Ryan K. January 19, 2010 at 12:23 am #

    My heart breaks for the country of Haiti and its people.

    And yet is in awe of their deep faith and love for King Jesus.

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