Should Christians use birth control? See new JBMW.

The most recent issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood has just released. The lead article is from Albert Mohler, who takes a critical look at the “contraceptive mentality” that so much defines the spirit of the age. Mohler writes:

The effective separation of sex from procreation may be one of the most important defining marks of our age—and one of the most ominous. This awareness is spreading among American evangelicals, and it threatens to set loose a firestorm…

A growing number of evangelicals are rethinking the issue of birth control—and facing the hard questions posed by reproductive technologies. Several developments contributed to this reconsideration, but the most important of these is the abortion revolution. The early evangelical response to legalized abortion was woefully inadequate. Some of the largest evangelical denominations at first accepted at least some version of abortion on demand.

This issue also includes the print version of John Piper‘s “Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse.” Jeremy Pierre has an extremely helpful piece exhorting churches to use church discipline to protect women from predatory men. Also, don’t miss the inimitable Mark Coppenger and his review of Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen’s A Sword between the Sexes?. There are many other fine articles and reviews in the current issue that you will want to read. I will include the full table of contents below.

I should also mention one other important announcement. CBMW’s website was hacked about a year or so ago, and since then access to many of our online resources has been lost. Under Owen Strachan’s leadership, we have a new website up and running, and it is already being filled with really helpful new content. We are also working on restoring old resources that were lost. As of today, one of the big things that has been added back are the archives of previous issues of the Journal. You can now access issues of JBMW going back to the very beginning in 1995. I encourage you to check out our archives pages here.

6 Responses to Should Christians use birth control? See new JBMW.

  1. Ian Clary (@ianclary) May 13, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Dear Dr. Burk,
    Dr. Mohler is interviewed about the birth control pill in this documentary, have you seen it?


  2. Lynn Burgess May 14, 2013 at 4:39 am #

    Dr. Mohler writes, “some hormonal technologies” are abortifacients. What hormonal technology except “the pill” does not ALWAYS act as an abortifacient? I am now aware of any.

    I once read an article by Dr. John Willke, of Right to Life fame (, that estimated average frequency of sexual relations, average frequency of conception, etc., and estimated that couples using the birth control pill abort a baby as often as once every two years.

  3. Paul Reed May 14, 2013 at 11:52 pm #

    Considering that birth control was considered evil by the Church at large until about 70 years ago, this is a conversation worth having.

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