Kevin DeYoung at Boyce College

Kevin DeYoung preached to the students of Boyce College last week, and it was outstanding. His text was Mark 3:7-19, and his topic was “Defining Discipleship Down.” The title is a riff on Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s 1993 article “Defining Deviancy Down.” This is a must-listen. You can download or listen by clicking below.

Defining Discipleship Down

[Download Here]

Thank you, Kevin, for your faithful ministry and for serving our students so well. Continue Reading →


Wheaton Conference on N. T. Wright

The 2010 Wheaton Theology Conference on N. T. Wright wrapped-up yesterday, and the audio and video of the sessions are now available at Wheaton’s website. The conference was called “Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright,” and speakers included N. T. Wright, Richard Hays, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Nicholas Perrin. I’m looking forward to listening to these.


John Piper at T4G

I’ve been away from the blog for much of this week because I was attending the “Together for the Gospel” conference on Tuesday through Thursday. I had never been to T4G before, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Albert Mohler closed the conference on Thursday saying that he had taken much more away from this conference than he expected. I have to say, happily, that I did too. The Lord spoke powerfully to me personally both through the speakers and through the fellowship with brothers there. It was a great week. Continue Reading →


Jennifer Knapp is NOT worthless

Jennifer Knapp has come out of the closet as a lesbian, according to a recent interview with Christianity Today. In 2000, Knapp was at the top of her game as a Christian music artist, and in 2003 she announced that she was stepping away from it all. A lot has changed since then. Knapp has a new album coming out, and she is now talking openly about her homosexuality.

The interview with CT is heart-rending in more ways than one. She reveals that she has been in an 8-year relationship with a same-sex partner and that she no longer attends church. She makes it clear that the Bible’s authority is no longer definitive for her views on homosexuality. In her own words,

“I find myself between a rock and a hard place—between the conservative evangelical who uses what most people refer to as the ‘clobber verses’ to refer to this loving relationship as an abomination, while they’re eating shellfish and wearing clothes of five different fabrics, and various other Scriptures we could argue about. I’m not capable of getting into the theological argument as to whether or not we should or shouldn’t allow homosexuals within our church. There’s a spirit that overrides that for me, and what I’ve been gravitating to in Christ and why I became a Christian in the first place. . . If God expects me, in order to be a Christian, to be able to theologically justify every move that I make, I’m sorry. I’m going to be a miserable failure.”

No doubt there is a “spirit” that “overrides” what the Bible teaches, but it is not the Spirit of Christ—even though she may think that it is.

One other remark particularly caught my attention, and I believe it needs a response. In describing the process of deciding to come out, she says,

“I can’t do this. People are going to chew me up and spit me out and tell me that I’m worthless.”

I don’t know Jennifer Knapp apart from her music. I’m just one of her fans from ten years ago. I’m also someone who believes that the Bible unambiguously marks homosexuality as sin. Nevertheless, I would never say that she is worthless. In fact, I would speak to her this way: You are not worthless. You are a sinner, but you are not worthless. The gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and raised for sinners is still for you if you will have Him. If you will repent of your sin and trust in Christ, He will not cast you out—ever (John 6:37).

Pray for Jennifer Knapp. She’s been walking away from Christ for a long time, but the Lord’s arm is still not too short to save (Isaiah 59:1). I pray that it will reach her soon.


Interview with Gina Welch

Trevin Wax has a fascinating interview with Gina Welch, the atheist author of In the Land of Believers. Her outsider’s take on all things evangelical continues to intrigue. Here’s a snippet of her remarks:

‘My experience with believers tells me that belief in God isn’t a result of reasoning, that most people come to belief because they inherited it or because they had a profound emotional experience that made God seem real. In the evangelism class I took at Thomas Road, we learned that the precondition for talking to someone about the Gospel was the question, “Do you believe in God and the Bible?” The script assumed the answer would be yes. If the answer was no, you simply walked away. We were armed with arguments for Christianity, but not for God.’

Tim Keller and Josh Harris are both mentioned in the interview. Read the rest here.


Russell Moore on Russian Adoption Crisis

Russell Moore has posted his thoughts on the Russian adoption crisis. He writes:

“I nervously switched off the television early Sunday morning as I heard my children bounding toward the door. I didn’t want them to hear the news. I didn’t want to hear it myself. Every time I see what is going on in Russia, with the government calling for an immediate halt on American adoptions, I think about the orphanage where I first met my two oldest sons.

“And I want to cry.

“The news reports are appalling, to be sure. A grandmother in Tennessee reportedly placed a child adopted from a Russian orphanage on a plane bound for the former Soviet Union, sending him back because the family allegedly said they couldn’t deal with his disturbed emotional state and alleged potential for violence. The Russian government and the Russian people are outraged, and want to see to it this will never happen again.

“There are several things Christians ought to keep in mind and, more importantly, in prayer here.”

Read the rest here.



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