Government Enforced Playoff for NCAA Football?

Like I said before, a playoff would be change that I can believe in. Here’s the lede from NBC Sports:

“The incoming chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said he will hold hearings and possibly subpoena NCAA officials, college presidents, players, coaches and athletics directors in an effort to force a playoff in Division 1-A football, USA Today reports.”

Also from this story:

“Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is moving forward with an inquiry into whether the BCS system violates antitrust laws.”

Yes, that’s the Attorney General of Utah, the state that was perhaps most deleteriously affected by the BCS this year. I for one will be really interested to see how these efforts pan out.

Wright Misrepresents Piper in Interview

In 2007, John Piper wrote a book critiquing N. T. Wright’s views on Paul’s doctrine of justification. The title of that book is The Future of Justification (which you can download for free here). In 2009, N. T. Wright will have published his response (which I noted here and here).

Today, Trevin Wax has an interview with N. T. Wright about his response to Piper (HT: Mike Bird). It’s an interesting interview, but it looks like Wright hasn’t responded too well to Piper’s work. Wright has several critiques of Piper’s views on justification that are quite simply incorrect. For example, here’s how the interview ends: Continue Reading →

Boyce College Worship

Buck Buchanan leads worship in Boyce College’s weekly dorm meeting, and he and the worship band recently recorded an album of music from those meetings. I’m really grateful for these guys and want to share their work with you. There are seven songs, and you can download them free of charge at the following link.

Zip File: Buck Buchanan – “Amen”

Buck wrote to me about his goal for this album: “My prayer with this project was that God would work through this music and let people hear it that need to know the truth about Jesus.” That’s a prayer we can all agree with. Continue Reading →

Gators Win the National Championship

Before the game, I thought that the Gators would win. After the second quarter, I wasn’t sure anymore. Oklahoma ran the ball at will on Florida, and it looked like the Sooner offense was going to roll over the Gators for the rest of the game. After the half, however, Florida made adjustments and made the plays they needed to make. It was a great game. Continue Reading →

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