NCAA Bracket

Here’s my bracket for the NCAA tournament that starts tomorrow. I’ve got Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova, and Kentucky in the final four, and Kansas versus Kentucky in the final. I predict Kentucky to win it all 68-66. Anybody else got a better pick?


Abortion Coverage Is in Healthcare Reform

Michael Gerson writes in today’s Washington Post on the Healthcare Bill making its way through the House:

“Those who support the Senate bill are participating in what is effectively the largest expansion of federal involvement in abortion since the Hyde Amendment limited that role in 1976.”

Gerson is right on the money in this statement. Nevertheless, there are some who are claiming that the Senate bill doesn’t cover abortions.

Ruth Marcus, for instance, argues that abortions will decrease under the Senate Bill and that there isn’t that much difference between the House and Senate bills. But here’s a question she cannot answer with credibility. If there isn’t very much difference, then why is the pro-abortion lobby (Planned Parenthood, NOW, etc.) moving heaven and earth to keep the Senate Bill as is without the Stupak restrictions on abortion?

The bottom line is this. The American people overwhelmingly oppose tax-payer funded abortions. Therefore, supporters of this bill are doing everything they can to conceal the fact that it funds abortions. Don’t be deceived.

If you haven’t called your representative yet, call now and tell him/her to oppose this bill.


Political Cowardice

It looks like the House of Representatives may try to pass healthcare reform (with tax-payer funded abortions) without actually voting on it (read about it here). It would involve a parliamentary procedure that stinks to high heaven. Albert Mohler calls it “unbelievable political cowardice,” and I couldn’t agree more.


Health Reform Bill Is Pro-Abortion

It’s time for you to act.

The debate over healthcare reform has reached a fevered pitch as the House of Representatives moves toward an up or down vote on the measure this week. Actually, that last sentence is a bit too simplified. The series of votes that is about to begin this week with the House would take a professional parliamentarian to explain, but the bottom line is this. Healthcare Reform is on the cusp of becoming the law of the land.

At this point, many citizens are tempted to tune-out this debate. Americans are tired of the fighting in Congress, they have issue-fatigue, and they are just ready for this to go away. I understand that impulse, but I also think that it is wrong to give in to it. As Charmaine Yoest recently argued, this bill requires tax-payers to fund abortions and would result in “the single greatest expansion of abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.”

So don’t tune-out yet. For the sake of the unborn, you need to contact your Representative and tell him/her to vote against the Senate Healthcare Reform bill. Tell him to do so because the bill as written will require tax-payers to fund abortion. You can find out your congressman’s name and phone number here, and I urge you to take a few minutes and make the call.


If you want to understand more about how the current Healthcare Reform bill funds abortions, then read Albert Mohler’s article, “‘This is Life We’re Talking About’ — Abortion and the Health Care Bill.” Also, listen to Mohler’s conversation with Charmaine Yoest on the same topic below.


Mohler and SBTS Profs Dissect McLaren

Albert Mohler hosted a discussion today of Brian McLaren’s new book A New Kind of Christianity. Panel members include Bruce Ware, Jim Hamilton, Greg Wills, and Stephen Wellum.

It is no surprise that this panel is very critical of the book. All agree that the book is an open renunciation of the historic Christian faith. Mohler calls the book a “brazen confrontation” of the Christian metanarrative. Ware says that the title should have been “An Old Kind of Apostasy.” He also says that before this book he had thought of McLaren as a wolf in sheep’s clothing but that now he sees that this wolf has taken off his sheep costume. McLaren’s teaching is open heresy. Jim Hamilton says that McLaren is “of his father the Devil.”

Read this book. Listen to this discussion. I’ll be interested to read your response.


Josh Harris at Boyce College

Josh Harris, Al Mohler, and Russell Moore will be the featured speakers at Boyce College’s conference for high school students on March 19-20, 2009, and there is still time for students and youth groups to sign-up. The theme for the conference is “No Idols: Calling Students to Single-hearted Devotion.” Grammy-nominated Boyce College student “Flame” will perform, and “Shane and Shane” will be leading the worship in music for the weekend.

Speakers / Lodging / Schedule / Registration / Contact

Last year’s conference was a great success, and I expect this one will be even better. It will be a Christ-exalting, gospel-centered, Bible-focused weekend. So please tell your pastor or youth leader about “No Idols.” You don’t want your students to miss this one.

“You shall not make idols for yourselves . . .
for I am the Lord your God.” -Leviticus 26:1


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