Does it matter if the Bible contradicts itself?

The short answer is yes. A case in point appears in a recent article by retired Anglican minister Albert Radcliffe. Radcliffe argues that the Bible is a “library of conflicting viewpoints,” and cannot be the last word on the Church of England’s debates on the moral status of homosexuality and women pastors. He argues that even within the pages of the Bible we read about “rigorists” who prefer the letter of the law and about the “humanitarians” who don’t allow the Bible to be the last word. According to Radcliffe, someone like Ezra was in the former category, and Jesus was in the latter.

As you might imagine, the upshot of this hermeneutic is devastating to the functional authority of the Bible to whoever adopts it. Radcliffe writes: Continue Reading →



Did you see the LeBron James spectacle? Never has it felt so stupid to be a sports fan. At least that’s what Will Leitch argues for New York Magazine. After watching the big announcement on Wednesday, Leitch was overcome with what I like to call LeBrondigestion—that sickening feeling you get after consuming unhealthy amounts genuflecting sports journalism, the kind that coddles the egos of self-involved sports stars. You felt it a little bit at Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech. You felt it a lot bit if you watched the LeBron show the other night. Leitch writes: Continue Reading →


First Baptist Meets Lenny Kravitz… Literally!

On June 25, the youth choir from FBC Lewisville, Texas was in New Orleans doing an open-air performance of Lenny Kravitz’s song “Fly Away.” Guess who happened to be nearby, heard them singing, and came over and joined them? You guessed it. Lenny Kravitz himself. The whole thing was caught on video and posted to YouTube (see above). The Dallas Morning News has a report on the encounter.

This never happened on any of the church choir tours I went on in high school. But then again we weren’t singing Lenny Kravitz songs!


10th Wedding Anniversary

WeddingI don’t usually post personal items on this blog, but today will be an exception. Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I’m married to the loveliest girl on the planet, and these have definitely been the best 10 of my 37 years.

Leading up to today, my thoughts have been on a poem that I wrote on the occasion of our third anniversary. It’s not meant to be a sad ending, but a happy one. It’s a short narrative of a vision that I have of finishing well with my bride, whether she or I go first. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! Continue Reading →


Irrelevant SBC?

Jeffrey Weiss has an interesting story at on the declining media coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Weiss argues that the SBC has taken unpopular stands over the years and as a result has become increasingly irrelevant to the mainstream of American culture. Even though media coverage was overblown in past years, he argues that the coverage is too little now. Continue Reading →


An Interview with Derek Webb

I guess I’ve written so much on this blog about Derek Webb that folks feel the need to alert me whenever they hear about him in the news. I’m grateful that they do. A reader recently alerted me to an interview that Derek gave to a Canadian radio host named Drew Marshall. You can download it here or listen to it below.


As you might expect, this interview includes material about Derek’s controversial song “What Matters More” and his recent tour with Jennifer Knapp. Up until this point, Derek has been (at best) unclear about his views on the moral status of homosexuality. This interview isn’t much better, but he does make a statement that I haven’t heard him say before. He says that he believes Jennifer Knapp to be a “Christian person.” Continue Reading →


Schoolhouse Rocks the 4th of July

I used to watch “Schoolhouse Rock” every Saturday morning. Through this program, a whole generation learned about manifest destiny (“Elbow Room”), English grammar (“Conjunction Junction”), how a bill becomes a law (“I’m just a bill”), and much more. So here is my annual 4th of July tribute to Schoolhouse Rock’s videos on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Continue Reading →


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