Carl Trueman on Growing Up (or not)

Carl Trueman is a great writer. His latest article at the Reformation 21 website is a must-read (HT: Justin Taylor). Here’s the conclusion:

“You are, of course, what you worship, as Psalm 115 reminds us, and thus, as long as we idolize our children and the culture of youth, we can expect to – well, be just like them: pouting, irresponsible, hormonal, unpleasant and, frankly, as creepy as those sixteenth century portraits of little children with adult faces. Trapped in Neverland with no hope of escape.”

2 Responses to Carl Trueman on Growing Up (or not)

  1. Bryan Smith November 13, 2008 at 3:01 pm #

    Hey Denny,

    Just wanted to let you know the link for Justin Taylor’s blog under “Blogs I read” is incorrect. I believe there was an accidental “l” added to “theologica”.

    Have a great day!


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