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Rob Bell comes out in favor of gay marriage

On Sunday, Rob Bell spoke at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and announced in no uncertain terms his support for gay marriage. Anyone aware of Bell’s career of late will not be surprised by this announcement. In his own words: I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it’s a man […]


I don’t think Rob Bell is relevant anymore

Rob Bell has a new book coming out, and there’s a trailer that has emerged in advance of its release (see above). I’m personally of the opinion that Rob Bell is no longer relevant to the larger evangelical theological conversation. Yes, his book will probably sell a lot of copies. No, evangelicals by and large […]


Rob Bell’s Farewell to His Church

Trevin Wax has linked to Rob Bell’s lengthy farewell letter to his church. I got the sense as I read this that the faith he’s promoting is much less grounded in the eternal verities of scripture than it is in the human creativity that gave birth to Mars Hill church. Read it here.


Rob Bell Resigns from Mars Hill

The elders at Mars Hill Bible Church have announced that Rob Bell is resigning from the pastorate of the congregation he founded 12 years ago. Sarah Pulliam Bailey has the scoop. Here’s a bit from the statement that the elders posted on the church’s website: Feeling the call from God to pursue a growing number […]


Adrian Warnock Debates Rob Bell

The British radio program “Unbelievable?” hosted a fascinating discussion between Rob Bell and Adrian Warnock. This program may be as close as we’ll get to hearing Rob Bell debate his book with an evangelical. I think Warnock does a good job of engaging Bell with tough questions, even though Bell’s responses still leave much to […]


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