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God’s Glory Revealed in Christ: Essays in Honor of Dr. Tom Schreiner

Jim Hamilton, Brian Vickers, and I recently co-edited a Festschrift for our Doktorvater Tom Schreiner. The book is titled God’s Glory Revealed in Christ: Essays in Honor of Tom Schreiner (B&H, 2019).

The week before Thanksgiving, the publisher was kind enough to host a banquet in San Diego where we were able to present this volume formally to Tom. It was a special moment for all of us who love Tom and who have been touched by his friendship, scholarship, and ministry.

I am really grateful for all of those who agreed to contribute. It really is an all-star line-up including D. A. Carson, John Piper, Albert Mohler, Simon Gathercole, and many others. The book is comprised of essays dealing with biblical theology, and it is now available from Amazon and other outlets. I hope you’ll check it out. The table of contents is below.


Foreword – R. Albert Mohler, “In Appreciation of Thomas R. Schreiner”


Chapter 1 – Bruce Ware, “A Progressive Dispensational Understanding of Scripture as a Whole”

Chapter 2 – D. A. Carson, “New Covenant Theology and Biblical Theology”

Chapter 3 – Shawn D. Wright, “Covenant Theology”

Chapter 4 – Robert W. Yarbrough, “Salvation History”

Chapter 5 – James M. Hamilton, Jr., “Canonical Biblical Theology”


Chapter 6 – John Piper, “Sanctification for the Magnifying of God in Christ: How God Glorifies His Children for His Own Glory”

Chapter 7 – Donald A. Hagner, “The Newness of Paul’s Gospel”

Chapter 8 – Mark A. Seifrid, “Spirit and Letter in Corinth”

Chapter 9 – Barry Joslin, “The Triune God of Hebrews”

Chapter 10 – Ardel Caneday, “Biblical Types: Revelation Concealed in Plain Sight to be Disclosed—’These Things Occurred Typologically to Them and Were Written Down for Our Admonition'”

Chapter 11 – Ray Van Neste, “‘Particular Medicine’: Faithful Pastoral Ministry and te diakonia tou logou in Acts 6:4″


Chapter 12 – Clinton E. Arnold, “Do We Really Need to Reconstruct the Background of Colossians to Understand the Letter?”

Chapter 13 – Jarvis J. Williams, “The Importance of Reading Second Temple Jewish Literature for New Testament Studies”

Chapter 14 – Simon Gathercole, “The Old Testament in the Gnostic and Valentinian Gospels”


Chapter 15 – Denny Burk, “Transgenderism and Three Biblical Axioms”

Chapter 16 – Brian Vickers, “The Great Commission Story”

Chapter 17 – Jason Meyer and John Kimbell, “The Pastoral Theologian”

Chapter 18 – Robert L. Plummer, “For the Glory of God through Theological Education: The Academic Ministries of Thomas R. Schreiner (1954–) and Andrew of Caesarea (563–637)

Chapter 19 – Russell D. Moore, “The Kingdom of God and the Public Square”

Afterword – Patrick Schreiner, “A Personal Reflection”

Bibliography – Joshua M. Greever, “Bibliography of the Writings of Thomas R. Schreiner”