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Pray for Said Musa

If you haven’t done so already, please pray for Said Musa who awaits execution in a prison in Kabul, Afghanistan. His crime? Converting to Christianity from Islam. Said Musa is married and the father of six young children. He has been a Christian for eight years. Compass Direct News reports:

“In the two-page letter, a copy of which Compass received in late October, Musa addressed Obama as ‘brother’ and pleaded with the international community: ‘For [the] sake [of the] Lord Jesus Christ please pray for me and rescue me from this jail otherwise they will kill me because I know they [have] very very very cruel and hard hearts.’

“Musa wrote of being sexually abused, beaten, mocked, spat on and deprived of sleep because of his faith in Jesus. He wrote that he would be willing to suffer for his faith in order to encourage and strengthen other Christians in their faith.”

Earlier today, John Piper posted a note to President Obama via Twitter. I have followed his lead and hope many more will do the same. So after you pray if you have a Twitter account, please post one of the following messages to President Obama:

Mr. President, speak wisely and boldly, in private if necessary, for Said Musa, imprisoned in Kabul. @BarackObama

Mr. President, please persuade the Afghan govt. not to execute our brother Said Musa. @BarackObama Prov. 24:10-12

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