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What is Pat Robertson talking about?

When I first read news yesterday of Pat Robertson’s remarks about Haiti, I couldn’t believe that he had done it again (e.g., here, here, and here). The news report that I read said that he attributed the earthquake to a divine “curse.” Reading further, I found that his “curse” remark actually had more context–a context […]


My David Letterman Story

Last week, my wife and I were in New York City for a trip that was both business and pleasure. I had a professional meeting to attend in the city, so we came a few days early before my work began to see the Big Apple together for our anniversary. We got into town on […]


Pat Robertson and the Gift of Prophecy

Pastor John Piper tells the story of a woman who “prophesied” over him after a church service one day: “Once a woman prophesied over me that my pregnant wife would give me a daughter not a fourth son, and that my wife would die in childbirth. That was not a helpful prophecy. It was pointless. […]


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