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Can Nowitzki Channel Hasselhoff While Shooting Jump Shots?

David Hasselhoff, I am a sucker for the underdog, and therefore I am a sucker for our hometeam, the Dallas Mavericks. I was a manager at the Mavericks’ practice facility back in the bad old days when they used to lose all the time. It was really sad back then when they just couldn’t get a break.But now things have changed, and all of us here in Dallas have our hopes set on a championship. Yet after watching the Mavs lose a heartbreaker on Tuesday and an ego-crusher on Thursday, many of us are beginning to feel that sinking feeling in our stomachs again.

Those of us who are fans know that the sinking stomach might be more than a feeling as long as our players are getting suspended and Dirk Nowitzki is shooting poorly from the field. Right now, what we really need is for Dirk Nowitzki to bring his A-game. And that means that we need him to channel David Hasselhoff not only at the foul line, but also when he’s shooting jump shots.

Jerry Stackhouse Hacks-a-ShaqI think he can do it, and I’m still holding out hope for a championship. What I don’t want is for our main memory of the 2005-2006 season to be Nowitzki’s fondness for this.

In any case, if the Mavs will just bring home a championship, I’ll even listen to some Hasselhoff.


Have You Heard about Jason McElwain?

This is the kind of story that makes your heart full and your eyes well up with tears. It’s a Rudy-esque tale about a kid with autism. It’s the story of Jason McElwain, and it’s so good that the movie studios are already lining up to make a movie about him.

Jason McElwain is the waterboy for his high school basketball team, and he’s also their biggest fan. Because Jason is a senior and the team’s most ardent supporter, the coach decided to let him suit-up with the team for the last home game of the season. Then, the coach actually let him play for the last four minutes of the game. As Jason goes into the game, the fans hit their feet and roar with excitement. This much of the story is enough for the makings of a great movie, but what happened next makes it even better.

When Jason hits the court, he starts shooting the basketball. He misses two shots right off the bat—one jump shot, one lay-up. On his third shot, he drains a three-pointer, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. He then proceeds to drop five more three-pointers, finishes the game with 20 points, and ties the school record for most three-pointers in a game.

As the buzzer sounds, the student body rushes the floor and carries Jason off the court in triumph.

I know this sounds too fantastic to believe, so I would encourage you to see for yourself. Someone videotaped the game. Greatness.

CBS News – “Autistic Teen’s Hoop Dreams” (video)

ABC News – “Hoop Dreams for Autistic Student” (video)


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