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    Preview of forthcoming Article

    My good friend Jim Hamilton and I working on an article for the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and we have sent out a survey as a part of our research. I have been somewhat surprised by the results and what those results reveal about evangelical opinions concerning women in ministry. The task that Jim and I have is to set out the state of the gender debate among younger evangelicals. Our work is still not finished, but we have identified four positions on the spectrum of evangelical opinion. We believe that the fundamental issue that differentiates opinions on this question is whether or not a principle of male…

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    Debates at the Southern Baptist Convention

    I am in San Antonio, Texas right now attending the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. If anything of interest happens, I will be blogging about it. A couple of items will be of interest to many of my readers. Dr. Jerry Johnson will be hosting his daily radio program from here at the convention, and he has scheduled a couple of interesting debates to take place at the Criswell College booth tomorrow. The first debate will be at 1pm between Dr. Mark Coppenger and Dr. Danny Akin over the issue of Calvinism. Dr. Coppenger will be arguing in favor of the Calvinist position, and Dr. Akin will present…

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    Has the Conservative Resurgence Gone Too Far?

    It was announced today that David Rogers, the son of the late great Adrian Rogers, will run against Jim Richards for 1st Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention. And Sam Hodges of the Dallas Morning News reports that Rogers has joined the ranks of Southern Baptists who believe the conservative resurgence has gone too far. He writes: “David Rogers is a foreign missionary, and has joined his mother – Adrian Rogers’ widow – in questioning what they see as an ever-narrowing definition of what’s acceptable in Baptist belief. That’s a windy way of saying they may think the conservative resurgence has gone a little too far.”

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    Russell Moore Goes to Washington

    She’s not a pugilist even though her name is Barbara Boxer. And Dr. Russell Moore will be testifying before her Senate committee this Thursday morning, 10:00 AM ET, June 7 (see full schedule). The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works will be holding hearings this week entitled “An Examination of the Views of Religious Organizations Regarding Global Warming.” Dr. Moore will testify among a constellation of religious illuminati from all sides of the theological spectrum. In fact, the first person scheduled to testify is Katherine Jefforts Schori, the controversial Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. I don’t know where Moore is on the global warming question, but my…

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    Dr. Mohler on Female Pastors

    Dr. Mohler comments on the new pastor of First Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia. Her name is Julie Pennington-Russell, and she’s leaving the pastorate of Calvary Baptist in Waco, Texas to take the reins in Georgia. Dr. Mohler writes: “Gender is the issue. For those who support and celebrate women as pastors, this singular concern is irrational. For those who believe that the Bible is clear that only men should be pastors, this singular concern is non-negotiable. The Southern Baptist Convention has made its convictions on the issue clear. The adoption of the revised edition of The Baptist Faith & Message in 2000 elevates the issue to confessional status. This is…

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    Interview with the Widow of a Turkish Martyr

    Last month, I posted a week-long series on the three men who were martyred for Christ in Turkey. Recently, Father Jonathan Morris interviewed Shemza Aydin, widow of martyr Necati Aydin. Morris met with the widow in her home in Turkey and was able to speak with her and her children. You can read the interview here, or you can watch video excerpts from the interview here. Please pray for this dear family. And be encouraged that God is sustaining this widow and her children with His amazing grace. I think you can see that this is so in the following exchange, especially the very last sentence from Shemza:

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    The New Breed of Evangelicals

    The New York Times has an article today about the “new breed” of evangelicals. Predictably, the article suggests that: The new breed of evangelical leaders — often to the dismay of those who came before them — are more likely to speak out about more liberal causes like AIDS, Darfur, poverty and global warming than controversial social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. I think this line represents as much wishful thinking as it does reporting. The rest of the article bears out the fact that the life-issue still remains at the top of the list of policy priorities for evangelicals. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon, no…