Can the G.O.P. Accept Giuliani’s Abortion Stance?

Today’s New York Times has an article that asks the following question in its title: “Can the G.O.P. Accept Giuliani’s Abortion Stance?”

The short answer is “no.”

How’s that for insightful analysis? 🙂


  • dennyrburk


    I will be nonplussed if Guiliani makes it out of the primaries. I don’t think he can win. He has a shot at winning the general election, but primaries are a different story. The G.O.P. base is ardently pro-life.


  • Paul

    And that’s been the interesting (and saddening) change of events of the last 20 years or so.

    15-20 years ago, a lot of lines were crossed constantly. It wasn’t just liberals on the democratic side of the fence, nor was it just conservatives on the republican side. I knew plenty of pro-life democrats, and while I still know lots and lots of pro-choice republicans, it’s out of the fact that small-government conservatives have no other viable options.

    In other words, y’all wanted a big tent. Now you’re reaping the rewards of that tent. And until a real contender steps into the ring for you guys who’s honest, smart and willing to get us out of the dumbest war ever waged by this country (even Vietnam had a plausible purpose), there’s no way that you’ve got a strong candidate unless Obama wins the primaries for the democrats.

    At that point, all of America’s worst racist tendencies will do the dirty work for you.

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