Wrong from Wright

N. T. Wright delivered an controversial lecture last November about America and its war on terror. Wright’s lecture was titled, “Where is God in ‘The War on Terror’?”, and he argues among other things that the American war in Iraq is but an immoral extension of America’s imperial ambition to dominate the world. Here’s his description of the Iraq war: “the angry superpower, like a rogue elephant teased by a little dog, has gone on the rampage stamping on everything that moves in the hope of killing the dog by killing everything in reach.”

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Fred Thompson for President?

Don’t laugh. The last time an actor ran for President, he won and became one of the most beloved politicians in recent history. His name was Ronald Reagan.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Senator Fred Thompson (who currently stars on “Law and Order”) to be elected President in 2008. Where is he on the issues? The summary from the Associated Press says that Thompson . . .

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An Inconvenient Truth for Gore

Al Gore’s Oscar winning documentary has to face an inconvenient truth of its own. Some scientists are calling his claims exaggerated and erroneous. According to today’s New York Times, there has been a backlash among some in the scientific community since the release of the film.

Scientists argue that some of Mr. Gore’s central points are exaggerated and erroneous. They are alarmed, some say, at what they call his alarmism.

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Dobson on Fire about Global Warming

Dr. James Dobson has been pretty hot lately about the issue of global warming. It’s not that he’s for global warming; it’s that he is resisting efforts to make global warming a signature issue for evangelicals. Dobson’s letter to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) gets right to the point:

We have observed that Cizik and others are using the global warming controversy to shift the emphasis away from the great moral issues of our time, notably the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage and the teaching of sexual abstinence and morality to our children (source).

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Former professor sues Southwestern

“A former Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor has filed suit against the school and its president, Paige Patterson, claiming she lost her tenure-track position because of her gender. The suit by Dr. Sheri Klouda, filed late Thursday in federal court, accuses the Fort Worth seminary and Dr. Patterson of breach of contract, fraud and defamation. The suit asks unspecified damages.” –Sam Hodges, Dallas Morning News

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Starbucks Has Been Taken over by the Man

The “man” has been keeping us all down, and now he’s taken over Starbucks too—at least that’s what the Seattle coffee-snobs are saying.

Starbucks is not the haven for eco-conscious uber-hip Mac-users that it used to be. Now that it’s sold out and gone “corporate,” Starbucks no longer has the cache that it once enjoyed.

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Will Libby Be Pardoned?

There’s already talk today about a potential pardon for the convicted felon I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. The Wall Street Journal and the National Review are calling for Bush to pardon Libby immediately, while Senate majority leader Harry Reid is demanding that Bush pledge never to pardon him. As the Los Angeles Times reports, this will be a controversy that is likely to follow President Bush through the rest of his term.

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