ABC News Lands at Southern Seminary

Last week, “ABC World News Tonight” showed up on the campus of Southern Seminary to talk to students about gender roles vis a vis the candidacy of Governor Sarah Palin. They interviewed three of our students: Phillip Bethancourt, Courtney Tarter, and Toby Jennings. I could not be prouder of how they represented the school and the truth of the Bible in their brief appearance. Our president, Dr. Albert Mohler, is interviewed as well.

One particular part of the report is worthy of note. The interviewer was fascinated by the idea that our students could support a woman as president but not as pastor. He was especially interested in Ms. Tarter’s opinion, the lone female of the group. That interest is what led to this exchange: Continue Reading →


The First Presidential Debate

The Washington Post has posted video of the entire debate. The verdict is out on who won this round. At this point, the candidates are not competing for the votes of their respective bases. They are competing for the votes of the undecided—that amorphous group that at this late date continues to be either uninformed or without core convictions. In many ways, the substance of the issues is not always decisive for these people, but the style and finesse of presentation often is. Stay tuned.


USC Stunned . . . Woohoo!

Readers of this blog already know that I am no fan of USC. So with the Trojans’s loss to Oregon State, this is shaping up to be a great weekend of college football. What a spectacle it is when the over-inflated media-darlings take their lumps. So much for being ranked number one. Did I hear someone say Schadenfreude?

When LSU beats Mississippi State on Saturday night, it will have been the perfect weekend for college football. Stay tuned.


The President Addresses Financial Crisis

Last night, President Bush addressed the nation concerning the financial crisis that is gripping the country. In case you missed it, you can watch the entire address above. In addition, here are two recent articles written by reliable Christians that attempt to explain what is happening from a Christian perspective.

“A Christian View of the Economic Crisis” – by Albert Mohler (

“Thinking Biblically about the Banking Crisis” – by David Kotter (Between Two Worlds)


A Critique of Rob Bell’s Feminine God Language

In his latest NOOMA video, Pastor Rob Bell argues that the Biblical depiction of God is often a feminine one:

There is this maternal impulse, this ancient nurturing instinct. And it transcends time; it transcends culture; it transcends economics. There is an ancient mothering impulse, and it’s also a divine impulse. Throughout the Bible, God is described as compassionate. In Hebrew, the original language of the Scriptures, it’s the word “raham.” It’s also the word for “womb.” So, God is compassionate. God is “womb-like”? This is a feminine image for God.

Continue Reading →


Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has announced the dates and times of the upcoming debates (see schedule below). The first one is on Friday of this week.

The CPD’s website has this to say about the “breakthrough” format for discussion:

“Both campaigns, without public controversy, with quiet cooperation and with minor revisions, have agreed to CPD’s proposal that each debate will be divided into issue segments allowing time for each candidate to comment on that issue followed by a free-flow conversation/ discussion between the candidates including the possibility of direct exchange between the candidates.

“These formats are an historic breakthrough in the history of televised debates. Televised debates have been hampered by restrictive time limits resulting in scripted, poll-tested, bumper sticker responses. In 2008, when stakes are higher than ever, issues more complex than ever, voter interest more intense than ever, voter education calls for a more expansive discussion between the leading candidates for president and vice president of the United States on the issues confronting America. The Commission commends Senators Obama and McCain for their understanding and acceptance of this need.” Continue Reading →


Using “God’s Will” To Manipulate

I couldn’t agree more with S. M. Hutchens’s remarks about how some would-be suitors appeal to the “will of God” in manipulative ways.

“A young woman whose family I have known for years called me for advice. She had just been told by a young man that after long and earnest prayer, after seeking the face of God for days, the Holy Spirit had informed him it was God’s will she form a romantic attachment with him. With little deliberation and equal gravity I informed her she could tell her swain and his Spirit to go jump in the lake, and add a boot in my name to their collective backside with her good riddance.”

Since I am the Dean over a school of undergraduates, I would add my own specific application of this advice to Christian college students. Continue Reading →


Anti-Americanism and Human Evil

Joe Loconte of The Weekly Standard reports on a poll showing the anti-Americanism of America’s European allies. Loconte gives an explanation for this antipathy that is in part theological:

‘The poll, conducted between July 15 and August 31 and involving over 16,000 respondents, suggests that America’s European and NATO “allies” are in fact infested with legions of anti-American conspiracy theorists. Continue Reading →


Megachurch Faith

The Washington Post reports about a study conducted by researchers at Baylor University. Here’s what they found out about the beliefs of people who attend megachurches:

‘Baylor researchers found that megachurches tend to be more evangelical than small churches.

‘Ninety-two percent of megachurch members believe that hell “absolutely exists,” compared with just over three-quarters of small-church members, the survey found. And eight in 10 megachurch worshipers believe that the Rapture — when followers of Jesus Christ believe they will be taken to heaven — will “absolutely” take place, compared with less than half of those who attend small churches.’

Read the rest here:

“Big Churches Not Always Impersonal, Study Finds” – by Jacqueline L. Salmon (Washington Post)


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