What’s Your Roe IQ?

I’ve been talking a lot about Roe v. Wade this week, and I have presumed a lot in terms of my readers’ knowledge of that infamous Supreme Court decision. How much do you know about Roe v. Wade? This quiz is designed to tell you just that.

I took the quiz and missed two of the twelve questions (numbers 10 and 12). Take the quiz, then come back and report your scores.

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Barack Obama: Abortion Should Be Legal throughout All 9 Months of Pregnancy

Christianity Today has an interview with Senator Barack Obama on its website. Among other things, the conversation takes up the issue of abortion. In short, Obama thinks it should be legal for a woman to kill her unborn baby any time during her 9 months of pregnancy. His position is a defense of the status quo, which was set in 1973 by the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision (and its companion decision Doe v. Bolton). On this issue, Obama is not the candidate for change.

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Christian Unity with Islam?

In 2007, 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals unanimously came together to declare the common ground between Christianity and Islam. The document that they produced is titled “A Common Word Between Us and You,” and it declares that “love of God” and “love of neighbor” are points of unity between Christianity and Islam.

A group from Yale Divinity School drafted a response in late 2007 titled, “Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You.” The response has been endorsed by over 300 Christian scholars and leaders, many of whom are associated with the evangelical movement in North America. The evangelical endorsements include Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Timothy George, Brian McLaren, David Neff, Scot McKnight, Joel Green, David Gushee, Leith Anderson, and Richard Cizik.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler and Dr. John Piper were not among the signatories, and both of them have spoken publicly against “A Christian Response.” The video and audio recordings of their respective responses are below. Continue Reading →

President Clinton Has A Dream

I can sympathize with President Clinton on this one. Sometimes you just can’t keep your eyes open. Unfortunately for the former President, the cameras were rolling when it happened to him.

Hold Them Back

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a national observation and affirmation of life. This observance coincides with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the ruling which made abortion legal on January 22, 1973. Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is usually observed on the Sunday that is closest to the January 22 anniversary. My church observed on last Sunday, and what follows is the lesson that I taught there in my Bible Study class. Continue Reading →

The Legacy of Roe v. Wade 35 Years Later

Today marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision. 50 million unborn babies have been killed by abortion since 1973. Last year, the Supreme Court upheld a ban on a procedure called partial-birth abortion, but abortion is still legal up until the moment of birth in all 50 states as determined by Roe vs. Wade.

I believe that many people are able to dodge this issue in their own consciences because they have been conditioned to do so by a culture of death and because the unborn themselves are silent and out of sight. One way to cure this indifference is by making images of abortion public.

[WARNING: Do not click the “more” button unless you are prepared to see vivid depictions of the reality of abortion.]
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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

On Saturday, John Piper exhorted pastors to use the occasion of Martin Luther King Day to shine the light of the gospel on racism. He also quoted at length from Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Dr. King’s description of Jim Crow South is one of the most gut-wrenching things you’ll ever read. It’s hard to believe that people once spoke so openly in racist terms, but they did. Here’s Dr. King in his own words: Continue Reading →

Church Discipline Gets Chastised in WSJ

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about the practice of church discipline in American evangelical churches. On the whole, the story is negative, focusing on cases which are less than exemplary. A church here in Dallas is mentioned in the article, Watermark Community Church, as well as First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama. The article says, Continue Reading →

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