Are Calvinism & Complementarianism Related?

A couple of weeks ago, we noted Molly Worthen‘s piece in the New York Times about Mark Driscoll and about the revival of Calvinism among evangelicals. In a letter to the editor in yesterday’s New York Times magazine, Douglas Groothuis took umbrage with one aspect of Worthen’s description of Calvinism. Here’s his complaint in his own words:

“Mark Driscoll’s emphasis on gender hierarchy in the church is not a logical implication of his Calvinist beliefs, as your article states. Calvinism argues that women and men are equally depraved and unable to save themselves from God’s wrath. While many Calvinists teach that women are restricted in their opportunities to serve through leadership in the church (because of a bogus interpretation of biblical texts), there is nothing intrinsic to Calvinism that leads to female subordination. Women are no more alienated from God than men, no less redeemable by God’s grace through faith and no less able to lead wisely in the church.” Continue Reading →


Obama Forces Tax-payers To Fund Abortions

Today President Obama signed an executive order that will force tax-payers to pay for abortions. Here’s how ABC News is reporting it:

“President Obama signed an executive order today reversing the ban that prohibits funding to international family planning groups that provide abortions . . .”

At the debate last year at Rick Warren’s church (and elsewhere), Obama promised to support measures to reduce abortions. He’s been in office for four days, and his first action vis a vis abortion ensures that abortions will increase worldwide. What’s worse, he is making American taxpayers foot the bill for infanticide abroad.

Any “pro-life” person who is still willing to defend this president as a friend of the pro-life cause is delusional.


Robert George on Roe v. Wade

Princeton professor Robert George has some worthy reflections on the legacy of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, which was handed down 36 years ago today. He writes:

‘The Roe justices were also wrong to imagine that legal abortion would prove to be enlightened or in the slightest respect humane. On the contrary, the policy imposed by the Court has proven to be an unmitigated disaster. In the thirty-six years since Roe and Doe, abortion has taken the lives of more than fifty million unborn victims—each a distinct, unique, precious human being. Continue Reading →


Obama on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Today marks the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade—a decision that has resulted in the legal killing of nearly 50 million unborn humans since 1973. Many Americans observe this date with special, pro-life observances. Last Sunday, countless churches across the nation observed “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” Today, thousands of citizens will march on the nation’s capital in favor of life. Continue Reading →


Obama retakes oath of office

“Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. re-administered the oath to Mr. Obama on Wednesday evening, one day after the two men stumbled over each other’s words during the inauguration ceremony at the Capitol.”

Read the rest here.


Being Pro-life Christians under a Pro-choice President

Being Pro-life Christians under a Pro-choice President” is the title of a sermon that John Piper preached in 1993 three days before Bill Clinton was inaugurated as president of the United States. Piper has posted on excerpt from that sermon today on his blog, saying that these words are just as relevant now as they were then. I couldn’t agree more.

Piper’s text was 1 Peter 2:17, “Honor the king,” and he closed his sermon with eight ways to honor a pro-choice president. Here’s the seventh: Continue Reading →


Rick Warren To Pray In Jesus’ Name

Rick Warren has told his congregation that he intends to pray in Jesus’ name at tomorrow’s presidential inauguration. He has asked for prayers from his church members. Here’s the story from Brandon Rogers (HT: Justin Taylor).

Warren’s prayer will be a sharp contrast to that of Gene Robinson, whose prayer was excluded from HBO’s broadcast of the inaugural festivities yesterday. Sarah Pulliam shot a video of Robinson’s prayer for Christianity Today (see below). Aaron Barnhart notes three lines from Robinson’s prayer that were in the original written version, but were not included when Robinson voiced the prayer. Continue Reading →


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