Un-stinking-believable! Rangers Run Up the Score

Even if you’re not a Rangers fan, you’ll want to hear about this. The Texas Rangers rolled over the Orioles today, and the final score was 30-3. No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. The Rangers scored 30 runs! So much for the 10 run rule!

No team has scored that many runs in a single game since 1897. This is definitely one for the books. Continue Reading →

Russell Moore’s New Website

My good friend Dr. Russell Moore teaches a Bible Study at Ninth & O Baptist Church (my former church) in Louisville, Kentucky. The class now has a website offering a great deal of content, including audio recordings of Dr. Moore’s Sunday morning teaching. Go check it out.

Here’s the link: www.DeansClass.com.

The Security Evangelicals?

Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News argues that Rudy Giuliani’s strength on national security may override concerns that evangelicals have about his liberal social views:

“The Republican Party’s staunchest supporters of the war on terrorism . . . may be motivated by a candidate they believe will protect them against terrorism. In particular, that could help Mr. Giuliani overcome the conventional wisdom that a GOP dominated by Christian conservatives won’t nominate a social liberal for president.

“‘The national security issues appeal to a number of evangelicals,’ said John Green, senior fellow at the Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life, who has long studied how religion motivates voters. ‘They are among the strongest supporters of the war in Iraq.'”

I think this reporter is sorely mistaken and that this is one instance in which the “conventional wisdom” is right on the mark. I think the “security evangelical” is a myth. I’m going to go out on a limb with a prediction. Here it is.

A pro-choice candidate cannot win the Republican primaries. The aversion to abortion among the Republican base is substantial, and Giuliani will not be able to overcome it. Moreover, even if Giuliani could scrape by in the primaries, a Republican cannot win the general election without the support of social conservatives (see the Ohio swing in 2004). Social conservatives will not support Rudy Giuliani. In my view, Giuliani’s candidacy is DOA.

Drs. Patterson Defend Homemaking Degree

You may have heard that the trustees at Southwestern Seminary approved a new homemaking degree for the College at Southwestern. The move has resulted in some controversy and a considerable amount of media attention (e.g., Baptist Press, AP story).

Last week, Dr. Jerry Johnson interviewed the President of Southwestern Dr. Paige Patterson and his wife Dr. Dorothy Patterson about the new program. Drs. Patterson defended the program based on the Bible’s teaching about gender roles in the home. It’s an informative interview, and I think you should hear it. It’s available for download here: “Teaching the Biblical Model of the Home” – Jerry Johnson Live.

Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is. Universities and colleges have been offering courses in home economics for a very long time. My pastor’s wife, for instance, has a degree in home economics from the University of Texas. Such courses may not be as fashionable as they used to be, but they certainly aren’t unprecedented in undergraduate programs of study. That a Baptist undergraduate school would offer such a concentration is quite unremarkable.

What is remarkable is that Drs. Patterson and the trustees at Southwestern have stood strong in defense of the Bible’s teaching on manhood and womanhood. Even in the face of opposition, they have remained steadfast, and we can all be grateful for their faithfulness in this regard.

High School Musical (please forgive frivolous post)

This is a frivolous post. But I’m doing it anyway. Is there anyone out there willing to admit that they are fans of “High School Musical”? Granted, the basketball “players” look like they can hardly even dribble, much less actually play basketball [Note to central casting: Next time you need to cast a realistic looking basketball player, try not to hire a Justin Guarini look-alike]. Talking about this movie is a capitulation to a cheesy pop culture phenomenon. But I’m still wondering who will fess up to making plans to watch “High School Musical 2″ tonight?

“To answer your question, it’s even better than the first one.” –Los Angeles Times Review

Another Misleading Headline about Abortion

Did you read the big news that a new study has found that the abortion drug RU-486 is safe? TIME magazine’s title says it all: “Study Finds Abortion Pill Safe.” It helps to read the fine print because in this case the title by itself is misleading. The study actually only addressed certain long-term effects of the drug. The article goes on to say that many doctors continue to question the drug’s safety in the short term. Here’s the relevant section from the TIME article: Continue Reading →

“. . . until another comes and examines him.”

Proverbs 18:17 says that “The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him.” This is wisdom for all of us in how we treat one another in the body of Christ. If I hear a bad report about a brother, I always assume that there’s another side to the story and that the one I’m hearing may be wrong or ill-motivated.

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