Southern Baptists and Elders

Morris Chapman wrote an interesting piece in the Baptist Press last week about the confessional status of the SBC’s doctrinal statement, “The Baptist Faith and Message 2000″ (BF&M). His article comes on the heels of the annual meeting of the SBC in San Antonio where Southern Baptists voted to reaffirm the BF&M as a sufficient guide for SBC leaders when they make convention-wide policies (read story). Continue Reading →

The World’s Ugliest Dog

It’s a rare thing to see something so ugly that you take time to write a blog post about it. But this dog is so ugly that he looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. The Associated Press reports that the dog’s name is Elwood, and he has just received $1,000 for winning the title of ugliest dog. I think he won that one going away.

Abortion Orthodoxy

This news is not news to anyone who’s been paying attention. But it is interesting to read a statement like the following in the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times. Melinda Henneberger writes:

“Democrats are too unwilling to tolerate dissent on abortion. It is a point of orthodoxy no more open to debate within the party than the ordination of women is in Rome.”
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Dwight McKissic Resigns as Trustee of SWBTS

Sam Hodges of the Dallas Morning News reports that Pastor Dwight McKissic has resigned as a trustee of Southwestern Seminary. Pastor McKissic has released his letter of resignation in which he writes:

“My involvement as a trustee has been a huge distraction from my ministry priorities for the past nine months. I’ve devoted too much mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual energy to matters resulting from the aftermath of my chapel sermon. I’ve been distracted and consumed with SBC/SWBTS matters the past nine months in a way that I haven’t been the past 24 years of pastoring an SBC church. It has taken a tremendous toll on my family and ministry, and my wife believes it has negatively impacted my health. I simply want to return to the place I was prior to being a trustee.” Continue Reading →

Bush Does the Right Thing with Stem Cell Veto

There are many reasons that conservatives have become disenchanted with President George W. Bush. But there is yet one thing to be thankful for. He is standing firm in favor of life.

The Associated Press is reporting that he intends to veto legislation that would ease restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research. This veto means that the President will be taking a very unpopular stand, despite the political reality that he doesn’t need to be giving people any other reasons to dislike him. I’m thankful that he’s chosen the right thing over the expedient thing.

“Bush to Veto Stem Cell Bill” – Deb Riechmann (Associated Press)

Reflections from an SBC Newbie

I have already written about some of the things that transpired at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) last week, but I have not shared my overall impressions of the meeting or my opinion about the most significant thing that happened.

First of all, full disclosure: I am a convention newbie. The San Antonio meeting of the SBC was my first time ever to attend the annual gathering. Travelling, lodging, and eating can bust the budget really quick without an expense account. So for me, going to the SBC has always been cost prohibitive. But this year I just decided to go anyway and to try to do so on the cheap. Thankfully, the Lord provided. Continue Reading →

SBC Debates on Tongues and Calvinism

The gift of tongues and Calvinistic theology are two hot topics in Southern Baptist life right now. Criswell College President, Dr. Jerry Johnson, moderated two fascinating debates on these topics at the Southern Baptist Convention just this week. Both debates are available for download from the “Jerry Johnson Live” podcast or from the podcast’s website. Continue Reading →

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