Carl Trueman: Linguistic Soul-patches

You gotta love Carl Trueman. He hits another homer with this short essay, “Done? You Have Been.” Here’s an excerpt, but you must go on to read the rest.

“A couple of months back, I made some observations on the advent of that most ridiculous facial accoutrement, the soul patch. The size of these absurd tufts of hair is surely inversely proportional to their eloquence: any Christian man the wrong side of forty, or, to avoid sexism, any woman of any age, who sports one clearly suffers from that common Christian ailment of taking themselves far too seriously. The faux-rebellion such things express is really rather sad: along with dog collars and tattoos, these are things that have become oh-so-safe that every armchair ecclesiastical rebel feels the need for doing at least one of them to establish his credentials. Continue Reading →

Romney To Drop Out of Race

CNN and Time magazine report that Gov. Mitt Romney will drop out of the race for president as early as today. Here’s the bulletin from CNN:

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will suspend his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, GOP sources tell CNN.

“A candidate may “suspend” his or her campaign rather than dropping out, and technically remain a candidate. In this case, he or she is entitled to keep any statewide pledged delegates as well as their district-level delegates.

“Candidates who officially drop out must forfeit statewide delegates.”

Pictures of the Destruction at Union University

It’s difficult to grasp the scope of the devastation at Union University when all you have are pictures on television and the internet. Dr. Greg Thornbury, however, has posted a link to some photos that give a glimpse of the extent of the damage. There are several aerial shots that show just how much of the campus was destroyed. Here they are.

Slideshow of the Destruction at Union University

It’s amazing that not one person on campus died during the storm. Thank the Lord. Continue Reading →

David Dockery on NBC’s “Today Show”

Lester Holt interviewed our friend Dr. David Dockery on the “Today Show” this morning. The video shows some of the destruction caused by the tornado as Dr. Dockery gives an update on the students who were caught in their dorms during the storm. Thankfully, there were no fatalities at Union University.

Update on Amending the ETS

Last year, I posted several notices about an effort that Ray Van Neste and I are undertaking to amend the doctrinal basis of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). You can read about that effort at our website Today I am passing on two new developments to those readers who are interested.

First, Ray and I (the co-sponsors) have written a response to the Executive Committee’s characterization of our proposal. We disagree with their public statements, and we have written about it here: “Response the Executive Committee.”

Second, the January issue of Christianity Today has a report about the amendment effort. The story talks about the meeting in San Diego where we introduced the amendment, and it also mentions Francis Beckwith and his exit from the ETS last Spring. It’s titled “Inerrancy Plus.” Unfortunately, the article is not available online, so you’ll have to read it in the print version if you are interested.

Tornado Hits Union University; Students Trapped

Tornadoes ripped through the campus of Union University tonight, and the Baptist Press is reporting that 8 students are trapped by debris in their dormitories. No fatalities are reported. The University has no power right now, and their website is down. So check Baptist Press and the Jackson Sun newspaper for updates as events unfold. Here are some stories that have already appeared:

Continue Reading →

Starbucks vs. the Little Guy

I love Starbucks coffee. I have to say, however, I have been to some stores recently that are a little bit less Starbucky than their 1990’s forebears. According to the report above, Starbucks has sold out to the man. It has replaced baristas with machines, has mass produced locations, and has compromised its ambiance with retail space. These changes over the last few years are the explanation for some of its less-than-stellar stores. The changes also explain why ma and pop coffee shops are making a comeback in certain areas.

What do you think? Is Starbucks losing its luster?

On Mocking Evangelicals

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times writes what many evangelicals already suspected:

“At a New York or Los Angeles cocktail party, few would dare make a pejorative comment about Barack Obama’s race or Hillary Clinton’s sex. Yet it would be easy to get away with deriding Mike Huckabee’s religious faith.

“Liberals believe deeply in tolerance and over the last century have led the battles against prejudices of all kinds, but we have a blind spot about Christian evangelicals. They constitute one of the few minorities that, on the American coasts or university campuses, it remains fashionable to mock.”

Kristof goes on to praise evangelicals for their work on poverty, AIDS, sex trafficking, climate change, prison abuses, malaria and genocide in Darfur. It’s an unusually upbeat take on evangelicals. You can read the rest here:

“Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love” – by Nicholas D. Kristof (New York Times)

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