Bush Does the Right Thing with Stem Cell Veto

There are many reasons that conservatives have become disenchanted with President George W. Bush. But there is yet one thing to be thankful for. He is standing firm in favor of life.

The Associated Press is reporting that he intends to veto legislation that would ease restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research. This veto means that the President will be taking a very unpopular stand, despite the political reality that he doesn’t need to be giving people any other reasons to dislike him. I’m thankful that he’s chosen the right thing over the expedient thing.

“Bush to Veto Stem Cell Bill” – Deb Riechmann (Associated Press)

Reflections from an SBC Newbie

I have already written about some of the things that transpired at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) last week, but I have not shared my overall impressions of the meeting or my opinion about the most significant thing that happened.

First of all, full disclosure: I am a convention newbie. The San Antonio meeting of the SBC was my first time ever to attend the annual gathering. Travelling, lodging, and eating can bust the budget really quick without an expense account. So for me, going to the SBC has always been cost prohibitive. But this year I just decided to go anyway and to try to do so on the cheap. Thankfully, the Lord provided. Continue Reading →

SBC Debates on Tongues and Calvinism

The gift of tongues and Calvinistic theology are two hot topics in Southern Baptist life right now. Criswell College President, Dr. Jerry Johnson, moderated two fascinating debates on these topics at the Southern Baptist Convention just this week. Both debates are available for download from the “Jerry Johnson Live” podcast or from the podcast’s website. Continue Reading →

Preview of forthcoming Article

My good friend Jim Hamilton and I working on an article for the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and we have sent out a survey as a part of our research. I have been somewhat surprised by the results and what those results reveal about evangelical opinions concerning women in ministry. The task that Jim and I have is to set out the state of the gender debate among younger evangelicals.

Our work is still not finished, but we have identified four positions on the spectrum of evangelical opinion. We believe that the fundamental issue that differentiates opinions on this question is whether or not a principle of male headship obtains with respect to ministry roles. Thus we distinguish four positions: (1) hierarchy in principle/hierarchy in practice, (2) hierarchy in principle/no hierarchy in practice, (3) no hierarchy in principle/hierarchy in practice, and (4) no hierarchy in principle/no hierarchy in practice. As a preview to our article, I will briefly explain each of these and give an example from those responders who gave us permission to quote their survey answers. Continue Reading →

Steve Hayes Reviews New Caedmon’s Call Album

I’ve been talking a lot about Caedmon’s Call lately, and I’m happy to report that my good friend Steve Hayes has already listened to and reviewed their new album “Overdressed.” Steve has the inside track on all things Caedmon’s (I’m sorry, Steve, for outing you when you shared the first album back in ’96), so this is likely the first review you’ll read.

One thing’s for sure. I can’t wait to buy “Overdressed.” I’ll probably write about it here when I do. In the meantime, go check out Steve’s review.

“‘Overdressed’ Dresses up Nicely (A review of the new Caedmon’s Call release)” – Steve Hayes (Cajun Roast Beef)

Debates at the Southern Baptist Convention

I am in San Antonio, Texas right now attending the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. If anything of interest happens, I will be blogging about it.

A couple of items will be of interest to many of my readers. Dr. Jerry Johnson will be hosting his daily radio program from here at the convention, and he has scheduled a couple of interesting debates to take place at the Criswell College booth tomorrow.

The first debate will be at 1pm between Dr. Mark Coppenger and Dr. Danny Akin over the issue of Calvinism. Dr. Coppenger will be arguing in favor of the Calvinist position, and Dr. Akin will present an opposing position.

The second debate will be at 5pm between Dr. Russell Moore and Pastor Dwight McKissic over the issue of the charismatic gift of speaking in tongues. Pastor McKissic will be arguing a continuationist position, and Dr. Moore will present an opposing position.

If you are at the convention in San Antonio, please come see the debates live at 1pm and 5pm. If you are not in San Antonio, then you can listen to the debates at 5pm on Monday and Tuesday on KCBI Dallas (click here for the live stream).

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