ESPN Analysts Pick LSU over Ohio State

ESPN’s Pat Forde and Ivan Maisel pick LSU to beat Ohio State in the College Football Championship game on January 7, 2008. They say that LSU’s speed and mobile quarterbacks will prove too much for Ohio State. On top of that, LSU’s injured players will be strong and healthy by the time of the game, and all of this bodes ill for Ohio State. I agree (surprise, surprise!). You can watch Forde and Maisel for yourself here. Geaux Tigers!

Rob Bell’s ‘Sex God’ on CNN

Pastor Rob Bell is in the news again with the release of his newest book Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality. With chapter titles like “God Wears Lipstick,” it’s not difficult to see why a book like this one has gotten so much attention. On Tuesday, a friend sent me a little bit that CNN produced about Bell and Sex God, so I thought I’d pass it on to you. Here it is: Rob Bell on CNN. Continue Reading →

Our Adoption as Sons: Do We Believe It?

Touchstone magazine has just made available an article in which Dr. Russell Moore talks about what he learned from rude questions about his adopted sons. This is a poignant, punchy piece, and I highly commend it to you. Moore has a profound grasp of the gospel and a unique gift for communicating it. His basic contention is that common misunderstandings about adoption reveal how much we often fail to grasp our very real adoption as sons and daughters of God. Moore writes:

Continue Reading →

D. A. Carson on Perfectionism

D. A. Carson has recently reviewed Chris VanLandingham’s Judgment & Justification In Early Judaism And The Apostle Paul. VanLandingham has a provocative thesis that will no doubt add fuel to the fire of debates about the New Perspective on Paul. Carson’s review is helpful and devastating—helpful to those who are trying to decide whether or not to read this book, devastating in its analysis of VanLandingham’s method and results.

One item in the review is worthy of note. VanLandingham argues for the quirky thesis that Christ’s death provides atonement only for the believer’s past sins. Sins committed after conversion will be counted against believers at the judgment. Thus the final judgment is based on the believer’s post-conversion works. If the post-conversion works are good enough, one gets awarded eternal life. If not, then damnation.

Carson comments on this aspect of VanLandingham’s thesis as follows: Continue Reading →

A Great Commission Resurgence

I wish to address this post to all my Southern Baptist readers. So the rest of you have fair warning that what follows is a bit of inside baseball for my fellow SBC’ers. Last week, I wrote about the “Building Bridges” conference that was taking place in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. The conference theme communicated the organizers’ intention to “build bridges” between the Calvinists and the non-Calvinists of the SBC. The divisions of late between some Baptists on this issue have left many SBC’ers wondering if the heated controversy might prevent future cooperation for missions. Thus it was good to hear many of the speakers (both five-pointers and non-five-pointers) communicate their belief that the SBC is big enough for both Calvinists and non-Calvinists alike and that all sides have enough in common in the BF&M 2000 to continue cooperation for the cause of Christ around the world. Continue Reading →

Un-stinking-believable: LSU in the National Championship?

I woke up this morning thinking that Les Miles would likely be leaving LSU for Michigan and that an injured LSU team might very well lose the SEC championship game against Tennessee. Boy was I wrong. Les Miles announced this afternoon in no uncertain terms that he would be staying at LSU. Then LSU beat the Vols to win the SEC title game. And as if that weren’t enough, the top two teams in the nation lost, and now LSU is back in the hunt for the national championship. Un-stinking-believable. Continue Reading →

Albert Mohler on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News produced a feature on the emerging church in which Tom Brokaw interviewed Dr. Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It’s a short, but interesting bit. Dr. Mohler does a great job, as usual.

I would make one observation about this piece. It seems to me that the media’s interest in the emerging church is almost entirely political. Brokaw’s coverage in this segment is a case in point. Underlying Brokaw’s attention to the new movement is a curiosity about how this new section of evangelicalism will affect electoral politics. I suppose that this should not be very surprising. But it is interesting to note nonetheless. Anyway, watch the video, and you be the judge.

Update: Ed Stetzer sets the record straight here. Continue Reading →

The Phony YouTube Debate

On Wednesday night, CNN hosted a “YouTube” debate for the Republican candidates for President. Questions came to the candidates from “ordinary” citizens who videoed themselves asking questions about the important issues of our time. Anderson Cooper hosted the event for CNN, and it came off without a hitch . . . until the post debate discussion. Continue Reading →

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