DTS Debate about Genesis and Myth

UPDATE, 1/16/12: I recently had a very helpful conversation with Dr. Gordon Johnston, and he was very gracious to answer the questions that I had after attending the presentation (see the questions below). In no uncertain terms, Dr. Johnston affirmed the inerrancy of scripture (as he did in his initial presentation), he affirmed the historicity of Adam and Eve, and he affirmed that Genesis 2 is a faithful narrative of what happened in history. He also reiterated that his view is not a ‘mythical’ reading of Genesis 2. Despite my earlier questions, Dr. Johnston assured me that these affirmations have been his position all along.

Last Tuesday, I learned of a debate that was to take place between two DTS profs about Peter Enns’ book, Inspiration and Incarnation (see yesterday’s post). So after reading the book, I showed up for the debate which occurred last Thursday evening on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary. It turned out that the discussion was not really about the argument in Enns’ book, though the debate certainly was related to its subject matter. Continue Reading →

Peter Enns and Evangelical Debates over Genesis

The internet has been ablaze in recent weeks with talk about the suspension of Peter Enns from the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary (see my previous post). So my ears perked up on Tuesday when the President of my college announced in chapel that there would be a debate at Dallas Theological Seminary between two faculty members over the subject matter of Enns’ book Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament. So I bought the book and made plans to attend the debate. Continue Reading →

Have you made the switch to Vista?

MSNBC.com is reporting that Windows XP users are revolting against Windows Vista. According to the report, PC users simply do not want to learn the new interface, and they are not at all confident that Vista will be compatible with common hardware devices. I am among those who have not made the switch to Vista. When our college got new computers last year, we all had the opportunity to upgrade to Vista, and I declined. Continue Reading →

Baptist Press on the Criswell Decision

Gary Ledbetter of the Southern Baptist Texan has more on the news that I wrote about yesterday. He writes:

“A rumor that Criswell College, started in 1975 by First Baptist Church of Dallas, would become part of nearby Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was laid to rest by the college’s trustees during their regularly scheduled board meeting April 10.

“As the college and the church continue to discuss their future relationship, some had suggested that Criswell College might become part of the seminary’s undergraduate program. That was apparently the motivation for the Criswell College trustees’ vote, which was without dissent, that the college would not become part of the seminary in the future.”

The article also contains a statement from Criswell College President Jerry Johnson. You can read the rest of the story in the Baptist Press or in the Southern Baptist Texan.

Criswell College Not Going to Southwestern

I have some news to report concerning the college at which I am a professor. There have been rumors floating around the Southern Baptist Convention to the effect that Criswell College would be moving to Fort Worth, Texas to become a part of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. There was such a proposal before Criswell College’s trustees. But today Criswell’s trustees voted unanimously against making Criswell College a part of Southwestern Seminary.

Criswell College will not be going to Southwestern but will continue in Dallas under its current governing structure. There should be an official press release sometime today or tomorrow.

Interview with John Eldredge

Audio of Interview with John Eldredge

On Tuesday I participated in a radio interview with popular Christian author John Eldredge (widely known for his best-selling 2001 book Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul). Eldredge came on the program to talk about his new book Walking with God: Talk to Him. Hear from Him. Really. In this book, Eldredge tells his readers that they should have a “conversational intimacy” with God that includes hearing Him speak just like people in the Bible heard God speak. Continue Reading →

An Egalitarian Chapel Message at DTS?

I listen to the chapel podcast from Dallas Theological Seminary from time to time, and I was very interested to hear a recent sermon delivered by Carolyn Custis James. Her message was titled “The Role of Women in Both Ministry and Life,” and she preached about the role of women in ministry (and in theological education) in light of Genesis 1 and 2 and the book of Ruth. Continue Reading →

Kansas vs. Memphis: Did you pick it?

The big game is tonight, and I have to say that I think this may be the best I’ve ever done in filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket. I picked 9 of the “Sweet Sixteen,” 6 of the “Elite Eight,” 4 of the “Final Four,” and both of the teams in the championship game. Going into tonight’s game, I have 130 points for the picks I’ve made. If Kansas wins, I will finish with 162 points (scoring details).

If you have bracket stats to share (especially if you have bested my picks), then post up your bracket score in the comments section. I want to see it. If you are doing as well or better than me, I’ll post a link to your bracket in this post. Continue Reading →

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