SMU Professor in Favor of Bush Library

Dr. James Hollifield, a professor of political science at SMU, does not jump on the bandwagon of faculty protests against the Bush Library to be built on SMU’s campus.

“It is legitimate for anyone to criticize the president and his policies, but it is presumptuous for us as scholars to say that we know in advance and with certainty what the legacy of a sitting president will be . . . faculty members are not disconnected from the politics of the moment” (‘The Biggest Man on Campus’ – NY Times).

I think Dr. Hollifield has wisely reserved judgment and has taken the long view. That is precisely what I was arguing in my post “Bush in My Backyard.” Continue Reading →

A “Middle Ground” on the Life Issue?

Two recent opinion editorials talk about coming to a “middle ground” compromise on the human life issue, but they each take positions that are anything but a compromise. Ellen Goodman’s piece in the Boston Globe (“Abortion’s elusive middle ground”) is decidedly pro-choice. Yuval Levin’s essay in the New York Times (“A Middle Ground for Stem Cells”) is decidedly pro-life.

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A Holy Discrimination

Reverend Bradley Schmeling is pastor of the St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is objecting to a bishop’s attempt to have him defrocked. The reason that this bishop is seeking to remove Schmeling from ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is that Schmelling is a practicing homosexual. According to the Associated Press,

“Schmeling and his supporters say the policy barring sexually active gay pastors is discriminatory by forcing them to refrain from sex, while heterosexuals only have to wait for marriage.”

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Methodist Ministers Muzzle Museum

I’ve already written about the Methodist professors who are opposing President Bush’s library that is likely to be built on SMU’s campus (see previous post, “Bush in My Backyard”), but now a group of Methodist ministers have also joined the fray. These ministers stand against the library’s being associated with SMU because they perceive President Bush to be an anti-Christian President. One of the protesting ministers is quoted in the Dallas Morning News saying,

“I think that George Bush has been in his presidency so inconsistent with fundamental Christianity that he should not be associated with a Methodist university. Methodist means decency and this man has not been decent” (source).

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Matt Drudge Spoils “24”

In the big scheme of things, I know what I’m about to say isn’t important. But I will express, nevertheless, that I am not a fan of folks who feel the need to tell you the ending of a movie while they gush about how much they enjoyed it and how much they think you should see it. These kinds of spoilers can be very frustrating.

That is why I am not pleased with Matt Drudge’s recent headline that contained a spoiler for the premier of the television series “24.” Drudge ran the spoiler for over 24 hours before the show premiered just this evening. Unbelievable.

That being said, the premier of “24″ was great, despite the fact that Drudge ruined the surprise ending. Next time I’ll be sure to avoid the Drudge Report before tuning in.

Murder in New Orleans

gun.JPGSeveral stories appeared in the news last week about New Orleans and its abysmal violent crime rate. In the first eight days of 2007, there were nine murders in New Orleans. In the first week of 2007, there was one day on which six people were murdered.

These murders are not all gang related affairs either. Dr. Paul Gailiunas’ runs a health clinic that serves some of the poorest residents of New Orleans. Last week, intruders broke into his home, shot and killed his wife and shot him three times while he was holding their baby (read about the tragic story here). This murder and all the others have occurred despite the presence of over 300 national guardsmen patroling the streets of New Orleans. Continue Reading →

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