Senator Obama Resigns His Church

From the NY Times politics blog:

“Senator Barack Obama is ending his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, a congregation he has belonged to for about two decades and one that had become a lightening rod in his Democratic presidential bid…

“This week, Mr. Obama found himself responding once again to a sermon delivered from the pulpit of Trinity, when a Catholic priest and a longtime friend of Mr. Obama was captured on video last Sunday mocking Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Mr. Obama, as he prepares for a general election campaign against Senator John McCain, was seeking to put the controversy over his church behind him. It remains an open question whether this move will do that or will simply draw more attention to his decision to be a member of the church for two decades.”

The Catholic priest to which the article refers can be seen in this video.

[WARNING: I give the sermon linked above a PG rating because the priest uses the “D” word at one point during his speech.]

Dockery at the Southern Baptist Convention

This post is a follow-up to my previous one about Dr. David Dockery, author of Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal and president of Union University. He will be making some appearances at the Southern Baptist Convention in a couple of weeks. He’s doing a book-signing, and he’s addressing the messengers in a plenary session. If you plan to attend the convention in Indianapolis, you’ll want to make your way to both of these.

Monday, June 9 (4-6pm) – Book-Signing (I guess this will be at the Broadman & Holman display)

Tuesday, June 10 (3:30pm) – Plenary address to the convention on themes related to Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

While we’re at it, I should mention that Dr. Jerry Johnson interviewed Dr. Dockery on Wednesday on the radio program “Jerry Johnson Live.” You can listen to it below. The interview with Dockery begins at 28:00.


David Dockery’s Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

I have been reading and very much enjoying David Dockery’s new book Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Proposal. Dockery is a lifelong Southern Baptist who has a keen eye for the challenges that face the denomination. This is not a full review of the book, but I have read enough of it to recommend it to you (especially if you are a Southern Baptist).

My aim in this post is simply to highlight a passage that is particularly insightful. Dockery writes: Continue Reading →

Remember the Gospel of Judas?

Do you remember when the National Geographic Society unveiled the Gospel of Judas a couple of years ago? The newly discovered document supposedly contained a positive portrayal of Judas Iscariot, the man whom the canonical Gospels say betrayed Jesus.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story about the aftermath of National Geographic’s unveiling, and it is not a pretty picture. Continue Reading →

Adoption and China’s One-Child Policy

Two stories appear in the news this morning that are related to one another only in this sense that they are likely to be of interest to pro-life readers.

First, as many of you know, the pro-life movement has become increasingly pro-adoption in recent decades. This is a wonderful development that we can all be thankful for. The New York Times reports, however, that the “color blind” approach to some adoptions is coming under criticism.

Continue Reading →

How To Read 500 Books a Year

D. A. Carson recently revealed that he reads about 500 books a year . . . sort of. During a question and answer session at a conference in New Mexico, Carson was asked about his reading habits, and he explains how he approaches the reading of books. Some books, he will read every word. Others, he gets the main idea and skims. He doesn’t necessarily read every line of every book he reads. “There’s reading, and then there’s reading,” he says.

If I remember correctly, this is in keeping with Mortimer Adler’s advice in How To Read A Book (but I can’t be sure because I think I skimmed it). All books are not created equal, so we shouldn’t read them as if they were.

Anyway, you can hear Carson’s full remarks on this subject below. The relevant portion is from 18:00 to 20:00.


For those who are interested, all of D. A. Carson’s and Michael Horton’s messages from the Clarus Conference are available for download. The remarks above occur in the link titled “Panel Discussion 2 (Saturday Afternoon) Pt. 1.”

Tornado Video

Tornadoes never cease to amaze. That was certainly the case with these images that were captured by a man who got a little too close to a recent touchdown in Kansas.

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