Pacifism vs. Just War

As the war in Iraq continues, controversy persists in America over the morality of war in general and of the Iraq War in particular. American Christians are far from univocal on this point as both Christian pacifists and just war theorists stake their claims in the current debate.

The Spring 2007 issue of the Criswell Theological Review enters this fray in its consideration of “War and Peace.” Contributors to the current volume include figures as diverse as Stanley Hauerwas and Richard Land. Both the pacifist and the just war options are vigorously defended in this issue, yet CTR’s editor says that Tim Erdel’s article presents one of the strongest arguments for pacifism you will ever read.

This is a provocative issue with articles worth your careful consideration. You can order a copy at CTR’s website.

Lesbian Conception

This chilling report comes from the U.K. Independent:

Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today.

Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman’s bone marrow tissue after showing that it possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells from male bone-marrow tissue.

I wish that we could agree that not everything that can be done should be done. Not all scientific advances are moral. But that doesn’t seem to bother these researchers or even the broader culture. Is there any question that we are living in a brave new world?

Stanley Hauerwas on the Sacrifices of War

The topic of the Spring 2007 issue of the Criswell Theological Review is “War and Peace.” Stanley Hauerwas makes a poignant contribution to the journal with his “Sacrificing the Sacrifices of War.” His main point is that the biggest sacrifice of war does not consist in the lives that are lost, but in the loss of our unwillingness to kill (p. 80).

One of the main tragedies of war according to Hauerwas, is the fact that war takes otherwise ordinary citizens and turns them into killers. Continue Reading →

Karl Malone To Coach at Louisiana Tech

Jeff Goodman at reports that Karl Malone may be headed back to his alma mater (and mine) to coach basketball. Goodman writes:

Kerry Rupp, who is expected to be officially introduced later this week as Louisiana Tech’s new head coach, is close to bringing former Bulldogs and NBA star Karl Malone on board as an assistant coach.

Continue Reading →

Einstein and Faith

TIME magazine has a fascinating excerpt from a new biography of Albert Einstein. This particular piece describes Einstein’s religious views, which were more akin to Spinoza’s than one might expect.

“For some people, miracles serve as evidence of God’s existence. For Einstein it was the absence of miracles that reflected divine providence. The fact that the world was comprehensible, that it followed laws, was worthy of awe.”

According to the author, Einstein was a determinist with no place for a personal god. His religion bore a greater resemblance to Deism than it did to Judaism or Christianity, though he had a detached appreciation for elements from both of the latter.

This one is a good read, and I recommend your checking it out:

“Einstein and Faith” – by Walter Isaacson (TIME)

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