Latest JBMW Talks about NIV, Trinity, and More

The most recent issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood is now available for download from There are some important articles in here that you will want to note. I’ll post the table of contents below, but here are some of the highlights.

The Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) responded last summer to CBMW’s critical review of the 2011 NIV. In my editorial, I offer a point-by-point rejoinder to the CBT’s open letter. Timothy Paul Jones has an excellent article addressing the Pat Robertson flap and outlines the difference between a covenant and a contract. Kevin DeYoung offers three principles that should guide the way we conduct the gender debate. Bruce Ware reviews Thomas H. McCall’s book, Which Trinity? Whose Monotheism? Philosophical and Systematic Theologians on the Metaphysics of Trinitarian Theology, in which McCall argues that Bruce Ware’s view of the Trinity is outside of orthodoxy. In the review, Ware argues to the contrary that his understanding of the godhead is well within the bounds of orthodox Christianity.

There many other helpful articles and reviews in this issue, and you can get the free download here.

Denny Burk Editorial
Burk, Mohler Odds & Ends
Timothy Paul Jones “Confusing a Covenant with a Contract: The Deeper Problem behind Pat Robertson’s Bad Advice”
Kevin DeYoung “Play the Man”
Jeremy Pierre “Love the One You’re With”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss “From Him, through Him, to Him”
Denny Burk “Christ’s Functional Subordination in Philippians 2:6: A Grammatical Note with Trinitarian Implications”
Todd L. Miles “A Prejudicial Treatment of the Issues”
A Review of Carolyn Custis James, Half the Church
Bruce A. Ware “Alleging Heresy Where There Is None”
A Review of Thomas H. McCall, Which Trinity? Whose Monotheism?
Timothy Paul Jones “Well-Intended Goal, Misguided Process”
A Review of Bruce Morton, Deceiving Winds
Phillip Bethancourt “The (Abstract) Art of Manliness”
A Review of Brett and Kate McKay, The Art of Manliness
Jason C. Meyer “Another Middle Way that Doesn’t Exist”
A Review of Jim and Sarah Sumner, Just How Married Do You Want to Be?

3 Responses to Latest JBMW Talks about NIV, Trinity, and More

  1. Don Johnson November 23, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    Note that I do not support what Pat Robertson said, he was wrong.

    A marriage berith is both a covenant and a contract, since this is the meaning of the term. I asked some Jews what berith meant when they were sitting next to me, and they replied that it meant a contract with some emotional content.

    One can also see David Instone-Brewer’s books where he discusses this thoroughly.

    It is a fundamental misunderstanding to not see the marriage berith as a contract. Jews publish theirs as artwork sometimes in their homes. This false teaching causes much pain in the body of Christ. If one has a low opinion of a contract, the solution is to upgrade that opinion.

  2. J.R. January 5, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    John Calvin on Phil. 2:6-8 “The consideration of the divine grace and wisdom herein the apostle proposeth unto us, Phil. 2:6-8 . . . Adam being in the form–that is, the state and condition–of a servant, did by robbery attempt to take upon him the ‘form of God,’ or to make himself equal unto him. The Lord Christ being in the ‘form of God’–that is, his essential form, of the same nature with him–accounted it no robbery to be in the state and condition of God, to be ‘equal to him;’ but being made in the ‘fashion of a man,’ taking on him our nature, he also submitted unto the form or the state and condition of a servant therein. He had dominion over all, owed service and obedience unto none, being in the ‘form of God,’ and equal unto him–the condition which Adam aspired unto; but he condescended unto a state of absolute subjection and service for our recovery. This did no more belong unto him on his own account, than it belonged unto Adam to be like unto God, or equal to him. Wherefore it is said that he humbled himself unto it, as Adam would have exalted himself unto a state of dignity which was not his due.”


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