I need more cowbell…I mean, tambourine!

“Will Ferrell brought you more cowbell. Dirk Nowitzki brings you more tambourine” (via @ESPN).

Dirk Nowitzki made a cameo appearance with The Avett Brothers in Dallas, Texas over the weekend, and it was reminiscent of Will Ferrell with the cowbell. I have to say, however, Nowitzki gives Ferrel a run for his money for the awkwardness prize.

Watch the video here, or click one of the pictures.

One Response to I need more cowbell…I mean, tambourine!

  1. Craig Belford June 7, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Denny, if you like that, check out what happens when Wilco’s guitar tech grabs a cowbell (sound is terrible, but the video is priceless):

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