ERLC and ManDec Panel on Religious Liberty

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Manhattan Declaration teamed up last week and hosted a fascinating panel discussion on religious liberty. Andrew Walker moderates and panelists include Kirsten Powers, Ross Douthat, Russell Moore, Jennifer Marshall, and Timothy Shah. I think this discussion is really helpful, and I commend it to you. Click the image at right or click here to watch.

One Response to ERLC and ManDec Panel on Religious Liberty

  1. Daryl Little October 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    An interesting discussion although I fear that it’s way too late to be on the leading edge of this topic.

    I don’t think Ross Douthat really understands the gravity of the situation, and (as might be expected) I think Russell Moore has a better handle on things without being alarmist.

    The most pertinent bit was when (I forget her name…) talked about the reality the we ought not be shocked or whiny when persecution comes. It must come. We need to deal with it Christianly.

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