Clubbing Clooney

Peggy Noonan has a penchant for rhetoric, and sometimes she can be downright harsh. You should check out her piece on George Clooney’s acceptance speech at last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, “Boy in a Bubble: What George Clooney doesn’t know about life.” Here’s a devastating snippet:

George Clooney is Hollywood now. He is charming and beautiful and cool, but he is not Orson Welles . . . Orson Welles was an artist. George Clooney is a fellow who read an article and now wants to tell us the truth, if we can handle it.

The Missional Baptist Blog thinks I was pretty harsh in my critique of George Clooney in my Baptist Press article “The Gospel according to Hollywood.” Well, at least I’m not as mean as Peggy Noonan! 🙂

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