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Laura Bush for Gay Marriage and Pro-Choice

In her interview with Larry King Tuesday night, Laura Bush said that she is for gay “marriage.” In her own words:

“When couples are committed to each other and love each other, then they ought to have, I think, the same sort of rights that everyone has… I also think it’s a generational thing…. That will come… I understand totally what George thinks and what other people think about marriage being between a man and a woman… I guess that would be an area that we disagree.”

Mrs. Bush also talked about a 2001 interview Katie Couric about abortion. On the day of President Bush’s 1st inauguration, Couric asked Mrs. Bush if she wanted Roe v. Wade to be overturned. Mrs. Bush answered “no.” Here’s how she said it to King:

“I think it’s important that it remain legal because I think it’s important for people — for medical reasons and for other reasons.”

(HT: Russell Moore)


Liberal Dependence on Abortion

Ross Douthat makes some important observations about abortion in red states vs. blue states in today’s New York Times. He writes:

“Liberals sometimes argue that their preferred approach to family life reduces the need for abortion. In reality, it may depend on abortion to succeed. The teen pregnancy rate in blue Connecticut, for instance, is roughly identical to the teen pregnancy rate in red Montana. But in Connecticut, those pregnancies are half as likely to be carried to term. Over all, the abortion rate is twice as high in New York as in Texas and three times as high in Massachusetts as in Utah.

“So it isn’t just contraception that delays childbearing in liberal states, and it isn’t just a foolish devotion to abstinence education that leads to teen births and hasty marriages in conservative America. It’s also a matter of how plausible an option abortion seems, both morally and practically, depending on who and where you are.”

Read the rest here.


Speaking of Franklin Graham

Albert Mohler sees the bigger picture in Franklin Graham’s disinvitation from praying at the Pentagon. Mohler asks the salient question: “Who Will Be Tested Next? — The Dilemma of Franklin Graham.” Mohler writes,

“Evangelical Christians in the United States had better see a big challenge staring us in the face. Franklin Graham was disinvited by the Pentagon for making statements that are required by faithfulness to the gospel of Christ. As reports make clear, it is not just his statements about Islam being prone to violence that cause offense, it is his statements that Islam is wicked because it does not lead to salvation in Christ that cause the greatest offense.

“The Pentagon failed its test, but many more tests will follow. Faithful witness to Christ requires an honest statement about what any false system of belief represents — a form of idolatry and false teaching that leads to eternal damnation. There may be more and less offensive ways of saying that, but there is no way to remove the basic offense to the current cultural mind.

“In reality, every evangelical preacher and every individual Christian will face this question — and probably sooner rather than later.

“Franklin Graham will not be the last to be tested. Who will be tested next?”

Mohler also discussed the issue on his radio program today. You can download it here or listen to it below.


Jon Meacham vs. Franklin Graham

Newsweek has a fascinating conversation between Jon Meacham and Franklin Graham about Graham’s disinvitation from the “National Day of Prayer” ceremony at the Pentagon. To me what was most interesting was Meacham’s open animus towards Franklin’s position—an odd posture for a journalist. Meacham simply tells Franklin that he is offended by the public expression of Franklin’s views on Islam.
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Russell Moore on the Gulf Oil Spill

For a great perspective on all things ecological, see Russell Moore’s “The Gulf of Mexico and the Care of Creation.” He writes:

‘Some conservatives, and some conservative evangelicals, act as though “environmentalism” is by definition “liberal” or even just downright silly…

‘There’s nothing conservative though, and nothing “evangelical,” about dismissing the conservation of the natural environment. And the accelerating Gulf crisis reminds us something of what’s at stake…

‘We need the creation around us, including the waters and all they contain, because we are not gods. We are creatures who thrive when we live as we were made to live. We exercise dominion over the creation not only when we use it, but also when we conserve it for the generations who will come after.

‘So pray for the Gulf Coast, that the oil wouldn’t devastate a people and a land already devastated by so much. As you do, remember: real conservatives protect what God loves.’

Read the rest of Moore’s article here.


President Obama’s Litmus Test

There’s a scene in the movie “Three Amigos” in which a leader of Mexican bandits chastises one of his minions for using the word “plethora” while not knowing what the word means (watch it here). I thought about that scene again yesterday when I read about President Obama’s promise not to apply a “litmus test” to judicial appointments. It sounds like the President doesn’t know what a “litmus test” is. Here’s how the New York Times reports it: Continue Reading →


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