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Bush Lied, People Died?

You’ve seen the bumper sticker: “Bush lied, people died.” The slogan expresses in a nutshell the nefarious narrative embraced by many critics of the Iraq War. It’s very simple, and it goes like this. The President lied about Iraq’s having WMD’s and about Iraq’s connections to terrorism. Those lies were the basis for the American public’s support of the invasion. The invasion has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, costing the United States dearly in blood and treasure and resulting in the deaths of over a 100,000 Iraqis. Thus, Bush lied, people died. Continue Reading →

A Historic Candidacy That I Can’t Be Happy About

The Democrat primary season has finally wound up, and Senator Barack Obama has secured enough delegates to clinch the Democrat nomination for President. When the polls closed last night in South Dakota and Montana, the cable news networks made the announcement. Almost instantly, the talking heads began reflecting on the historic candidacy of Senator Obama—the first African American to be nominated by a major party for president of the United States. Continue Reading →

Senator Obama Resigns His Church

From the NY Times politics blog:

“Senator Barack Obama is ending his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, a congregation he has belonged to for about two decades and one that had become a lightening rod in his Democratic presidential bid…

“This week, Mr. Obama found himself responding once again to a sermon delivered from the pulpit of Trinity, when a Catholic priest and a longtime friend of Mr. Obama was captured on video last Sunday mocking Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Mr. Obama, as he prepares for a general election campaign against Senator John McCain, was seeking to put the controversy over his church behind him. It remains an open question whether this move will do that or will simply draw more attention to his decision to be a member of the church for two decades.”

The Catholic priest to which the article refers can be seen in this video.

[WARNING: I give the sermon linked above a PG rating because the priest uses the “D” word at one point during his speech.]

Defending the Unborn: An Evangelical Priority

God bless Stan Guthrie for speaking more clearly in one sentence than I have been able to do in many posts on this subject. In a piece on Christianity Today‘s website, Guthrie confronts the likes of Jim Wallis and Ron Sider who say that defending the unborn is one among many issues that evangelicals should be concerned about. Guthrie’s response gets right to the heart of the matter:

‘If everything is a priority, then nothing is.’ Continue Reading →

Why This Man Should Never Be President

I already knew what his views were, but it is jarring to hear the words coming out of his mouth. In a speech to Planned Parenthood from last year (see video above), Senator Barack Obama favors the right to an abortion at every stage of pregnancy.

In addition, he cites his opposition in the Illinois State legislature to the legal protection of babies that are born alive as a result of a failed abortion. This opposition was based on the argument that giving medical treatment to such babies after they are born might erode a woman’s right to choose as established by Roe.

In Obama’s America, some babies who are born simply do not merit the protection of the law. For him, as with the broader feminist movement, the unborn baby’s right to life is shredded in the meat grinder of so-called “equal rights” for women. Here is Obama in his own words: Continue Reading →

Albert Mohler on Gay “Marriage” Case

Yesterday, Dr. Albert Mohler’s radio program covered the Supreme Court of California’s decision to overturn the statewide Gay “Marriage” ban. His guests are Maggie Gallagher and Dr. John Eastman, and you’ll want to hear this one.

One of the most troubling aspects of this decision is that the court classes homosexuality as if it were a characteristic like race or gender. Mohler writes:

‘The court also declared sexual orientation to be a class protected by a “strict scrutiny” test of all legislation and regulation. In so doing, the California court became the first in the nation to apply this test on the basis of sexual orientation. This move also opens the door for much broader challenges to laws and regulations across the board.’

Be sure to visit Dr. Mohler’s website.

“California Supreme Court Redefines Marriage” – by Albert Mohler (

Ca. Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

Here’s a link to the California Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the statewide ban on gay “marriage.” Here’s the report from the Associated Press:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court has overturned a ban on gay marriage, paving the way for California to become the second state where gay and lesbian residents can marry.

The justices released the 4-3 decision Thursday, saying that domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage in an opinion written by Chief Justice Ron George.

The cases were brought by the city of San Francisco, two dozen gay and lesbian couples, Equality California and another gay rights group in March 2004 after the court halted San Francisco’s monthlong same-sex wedding march that took place at Mayor Gavin Newsom’s direction.

Evangelicals Less Relevant Than Ever Before?

Andy Crouch is an editor at Christianity Today. Recently he commented on the fact that more and more evangelicals are leaving behind abortion and marriage as transcendent moral values in their choice for President next November. He writes:

“This could turn out to be the election where both parties realize that the evangelical vote is so hopelessly split down the middle that it’s not worth courting them at all because what parties need are blocs that can be appealed to en masse. Paradoxically, evangelicals would become less relevant than ever before.”

Well, Crouch certainly right about that. For more on evangelicals who no longer prioritize defending the unborn, read here:

“Young, evangelical … for Obama?” – by Haley Edwards (The Seattle Times)

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