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John Hughes (1950-2009)

John Hughes died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. Hughes was a filmmaker whose heyday was in the 1980’s. His credits include “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Home Alone,” and many more.

I don’t know anything about John Hughes personally. All I know are his movies because they were quintessential expressions of popular culture in the 1980’s. I wouldn’t say that his movies defined a generation so much as they reflected it. And that was his genius. Somehow this guy made movies that rang true with young people. Ben Stein (who had a famous bit part in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) said this about Hughes: Continue Reading →


My David Letterman Story

Last week, my wife and I were in New York City for a trip that was both business and pleasure. I had a professional meeting to attend in the city, so we came a few days early before my work began to see the Big Apple together for our anniversary.

We got into town on a Thursday morning, and one of the first things I did was to ask the hotel concierge how to get David Letterman tickets. I am not so much a huge fan of Letterman anymore. In fact, I don’t even watch his show. But I used to be a faithful viewer back in the 80’s, and so I’ve long thought that it would be fascinating to see the show in person if ever I visited NYC. The concierge, however, insisted that getting tickets would be more trouble than it was worth and that I probably couldn’t find any even if I tried. So I dropped it. We had plenty to do without trying to crack that egg. Continue Reading →


Gospel Living in an Oscar Culture

The movie “Milk” is based on the true story of a homosexual activist from the late 1970’s named Harvey Milk. Among other things, the movie depicts Milk’s fight against Proposition 6 (a ballot measure aimed at keeping homosexuals from teaching in public schools), a measure which seems to parallel the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California.

If you watched the Academy Awards last night, then perhaps you saw the two speeches from the two winners who were related to this movie. The first winner was Dustin Lance Black who won the award for Best Original Screenplay, and second was Sean Penn who won the Best Actor Award. In their acceptance speeches, both artists took a hard-line in favor of gay-rights. Continue Reading →


Boyce College on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Well, Boyce College won’t actually be on “Wheel of Fortune,” but one of our employees will be. Allison Parker is the administrative assistant to Boyce College’s Dean of Student Life, and she is the wife of Southern Seminary M.Div. student Zack Parker. Allison will be appearing as a contestant on tonight’s edition of “Wheel of Fortune.”

I asked her at a recent Christmas party how her game ended up (the show was taped in October), but she was pretty cryptic about the show’s results. So we’ll all be on the edge of our seats tonight to see how she fares. Go Allison!

“SBTS employee to appear on Wheel of Fortune” – by Garrett Wishall (Towers online)


ER on the Bankruptcy of Postmodern Spirituality

The dramatization below puts some flesh and blood on what for many is an esoteric theological point—the question of atonement. Yet in the real world, there is real evil, real guilt, and a real need for reconciliation with the God with Whom we have to do. Postmodern, therapeutic platitudes have nothing to offer in the face of those realities. But the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and raised for sinners does. Continue Reading →


Rick Warren on the “Colbert Report”

Pastor Rick Warren appeared on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” last night (see video below). I have to say that the show is not the best forum for discussing things eternal. The show is too light, and the gospel is too heavy to sustain any meaningful interaction about the things of God. Nevertheless, Warren made a go at it. Continue Reading →


Lake of Fire

I’ve been reading some of the reviews and reactions from the media to the new abortion documentary “Lake of Fire.” The film is directed by Tony Kaye, and it alleges to present an unbiased look at abortion in America. If you are interested in seeing a trailer of the movie, you can view one here: Trailer of “Lake of Fire”. I must warn you, however, that the trailer itself should probably be rated PG-13 or R.

Manohla Dargis’ review of the film in the New York Times reveals the typical moral confusion that most people have when it comes to their thinking about abortion. Actually, “moral confusion” is probably too generous. What the review actually reveals is not so much “moral confusion” but “moral suppression.” Continue Reading →


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