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JBMW Online

We have introduced a significant change with the release of the latest issue of JBMW. We have moved to an exclusively online format. That means all of our articles will be immediately available for download for anyone who wants to read them. We will still produce two fascicles per year, and the first one for 2010 has just appeared at the CBMW website. Starting with this issue, readers have the option to download the entire journal in one PDF document. Readers can also view individual articles in HTML or download individual articles in PDF. Current subscribers to the print version will be receiving a letter next week explaining the changes.

The full table of contents is printed below, but I want to highlight one article in particular. Tom Schreiner has writer a feature-length review (9,000 words) of Philip Payne’s recent book Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul’s Letters. Schreiner’s conclusion sums up his take on Payne’s book: Continue Reading →


Does the Dalai Lama follow Jesus?

In yesterday’s New York Times, the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, called on religious believers of all stripes to “respect, admire and appreciate other traditions.” In doing so, he explained how he has learned from and been inspired by Christianity. He writes:

“In my readings of the New Testament, I find myself inspired by Jesus’ acts of compassion. His miracle of the loaves and fishes, his healing and his teaching are all motivated by the desire to relieve suffering.” Continue Reading →


Ray Boltz in the NY Times

Many of you will remember that in 2008 Christian pop music star Ray Boltz came out as a gay man. That was two years ago, but today’s New York Times has a profile of Boltz’s new album that was released in April.

Now, after more than five years of self-imposed absence from stage and CD, Mr. Boltz has reached a musical and religious destination. As an openly gay man, living in a gay-friendly part of South Florida with his partner, Franco Sperduti, he has released his first album since coming out. Continue Reading →


The Final Act of Lost

The “Lost” finale was pure genius. I say this with no hyperbole. It was the best ending to the best show in the history of television. In my last post, I had two predictions about the final act: (1) good and evil will be sorted out, and (2) someone important will have to die. Both of those predictions were born-out in the finale. Good and evil were embodied in Jacob and his nameless brother, and their epic conflict finally came to an end in the battle between Jack and “Locke.” When Jack killed “Locke,” the good finally prevailed. Someone important did have to die in order to save the island. And that someone was Jack. Did you notice that his side was pierced? The Christ-allusion was not accidental. Continue Reading →


CT on ‘Lost’

052210_2135_CTonLost1.pngThe series finale of “Lost” will air on Sunday night, and Christianity Today has an interview about it with Jeff Jensen, uber-fan and writer for Entertainment Weekly. The discussion focuses on the meaning of the “Lost” series, and I was especially intrigued by this exchange:

CT: If we get to the end of the show and we don’t know exactly who is good, who is evil, won’t that be disappointing? Continue Reading →


Same-sex “Marriage” and Interracial Marriage

It has become fairly common for people to make a moral equivalence between bans on interracial marriage and bans on same-sex marriage. The comparison is used to drive home the point that just as one’s race shouldn’t be used as a precondition for marriage, so neither should be same-sex pairings. Frank Beckwith has a must-read post arguing that from a legal standpoint, the analogy doesn’t hold-up. He writes: Continue Reading →


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