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Pro-choice Irrationality

I recently had a conversation with a pro-choice activist outside Louisville’s abortion clinic that I shall not soon forget.

As I wrote previously, a group of us from my church go every week to the abortion clinic to persuade those entering the abortion clinic to choose life and to consider visiting “A Woman’s Choice Resource Center”–a crisis pregnancy center located just across the street from the abortion clinic. The abortion clinic has acquired “escorts” that try to keep the women from listening to us and to ensure that the women enter the clinic. Continue Reading →


Beware of Virus has been compromised by some sort of a malicious virus. My account was compromised this morning along with millions of other users. It’s not clear whether the virus takes over your computer or not. An AP story suggests that it might. For the time being, avoid like the plague. If you need to access your Twitter account, use third-party software to do so (like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.).

Here are a couple early news stories reporting what’s going on: and Associated Press. Spread the word.

UPDATE: News reports are now saying that has been fixed. Here’s the article from PC World.


SCOTUS Impacts Louisville Schools

Today’s Washington Post has a story on the Supreme Court decision that has led to a busing mess in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The 2007 decision prohibited officials from considering race when assigning children to schools. In an effort to do an end-run around the Court’s decision, Louisville decided to promote diversity by considering socioeconomic factors rather than race. The result has been a complicated and sometimes irrational busing system. Continue Reading →


Jayber Crow’s Hermeneutical Insight

Sometimes pearls of hermeneutical wisdom can be found in unexpected places. I stumbled upon one the other night in Wendell Berry’s excellent novel Jayber Crow, and it has to do with the proper way to interpret stories. Jayber says it this way:

“Telling a story is like reaching into a granary full of wheat and drawing out a handful. There is always more to tell than can be told.” Continue Reading →


Strategies for Fighting Lust

Justin Taylor links to an excerpt from John Piper that is so helpful, I simply want to reproduce it here. It’s from Piper’s sermon “Do You See the Glory of God in the Sun?“, and you can read it below. I also want to direct readers to Piper’s six strategies for fighting sexual sin: “ANTHEM: Strategies for Fighting Lust.” There is one other sermon that you should take the time to listen to instead of reading: “Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, Part 2.” My prayer is that these words will land where they need to. Continue Reading →


Gospel Priorities and Complementarianism

Scot McKnight passes along a question about the centrality of complementarianism in the theological commitments of the “young, restless and reformed.” In short, the question is this. Must one be a complementarian in order to be “gospel-centered”? Why should “young, restless and reformed” egalitarians be divided from their complementarian counterparts? Since both groups have a similar commitment to the gospel, the penal substitutionary atonement, justification by faith alone, etc., why should they be divided from one another over a secondary issue?

These are fair questions, and they have been addressed by complementarians here and there over the years. I will attempt an answer here, though I do not claim to speak for any particular group. I offer three observations that may help clarify why the “young, restless and reformed” often stand apart from reformed egalitarians. This is how I see things, and I hope that these thoughts will be helpful to readers as they sort through these issues. Continue Reading →


Did Jesus Affirm a Gay Couple?

A friend sent me a news story today about a set of billboards in Dallas, Texas that cite the Bible in support of homosexual relationships. Because you can find all kinds of crazy things on billboards, I initially didn’t think much of this report. But I was really intrigued by the picture of one billboard that was included in the story (see it at right).

The message reads simply, “Jesus affirmed a gay couple. Would Jesus Discriminate?” What caught my attention was not the suggestion that Jesus affirmed homosexual conduct. This is standard fare among religious progressives, and I have heard this many times before. What caught my attention was the single Bible text quoted in support of the message—Matthew 8:5-13. Continue Reading →


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