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Ken Starr Begins at Baylor

The New York Times reports on Ken Starr’s forthcoming tenure as the president of Baylor University. Starr begins on June 1. Here’s a snippet from the report:

“Baylor’s growth into a large research university is now irreversible, but its Christian character remains unsettled. Dr. Sloan recruited several prominent evangelicals, and was known to reject potential hires for not being able to articulate how faith had influenced their academic lives. Even so, the faculty is perceived to be more liberal in its Christianity than many Texas Baptists, including Baylor’s alumni.

“Despite his notorious prosecutorial history, Mr. Starr may be the Christian conciliator Baylor needs. In his faith life, he has tacked away from extremes, moving beyond denominational boundaries into a more universal Christianity.”

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Congratulations, Boyce Class of 2010!

Today we celebrated the commencement of the 2010 graduates of Boyce College. You can watch my charge to the graduates above, or you can listen to it below. If you are interested in the manuscript of my address, you can download it here. Dr. Mohler’s address is here.


Congratulations, Boyce College class of 2010!


Michael Gerson on the iPad

“I like my Kindle’s battery life. I can’t type on the iPad’s maddening virtual keyboard. But really there is no comparison. The iPad is one of the most elegant, useful, astoundingly cool objects ever produced by the mind of man. Da Vinci would drool. Newton would show an equal and opposite attraction. Edison would ignore the objections of his wife and buy one, preferably the model with 64 gigabytes…

“The combination of the Internet and the iPad has changed our relation to the written word forever. The Information Age is now affordable, portable, intuitively organized and infinitely customizable. All future content, including books and newspapers, will need to assume the shape of this innovation.”

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Speaking of Franklin Graham

Albert Mohler sees the bigger picture in Franklin Graham’s disinvitation from praying at the Pentagon. Mohler asks the salient question: “Who Will Be Tested Next? — The Dilemma of Franklin Graham.” Mohler writes,

“Evangelical Christians in the United States had better see a big challenge staring us in the face. Franklin Graham was disinvited by the Pentagon for making statements that are required by faithfulness to the gospel of Christ. As reports make clear, it is not just his statements about Islam being prone to violence that cause offense, it is his statements that Islam is wicked because it does not lead to salvation in Christ that cause the greatest offense.

“The Pentagon failed its test, but many more tests will follow. Faithful witness to Christ requires an honest statement about what any false system of belief represents — a form of idolatry and false teaching that leads to eternal damnation. There may be more and less offensive ways of saying that, but there is no way to remove the basic offense to the current cultural mind.

“In reality, every evangelical preacher and every individual Christian will face this question — and probably sooner rather than later.

“Franklin Graham will not be the last to be tested. Who will be tested next?”

Mohler also discussed the issue on his radio program today. You can download it here or listen to it below.


Jon Meacham vs. Franklin Graham

Newsweek has a fascinating conversation between Jon Meacham and Franklin Graham about Graham’s disinvitation from the “National Day of Prayer” ceremony at the Pentagon. To me what was most interesting was Meacham’s open animus towards Franklin’s position—an odd posture for a journalist. Meacham simply tells Franklin that he is offended by the public expression of Franklin’s views on Islam.
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Thanking the God of Fortuitous Moments

In the days after the 9-11 attacks, I remember thinking, “This could be our new normal.” I wasn’t alone in this. Everyone expected that terrorists would eventually mount another successful effort and strike again. In the early days after 9-11, it was inconceivable to think that we wouldn’t be hit again by a terrorist attack on the homeland.

Nearly ten years later, however, we still haven’t had another major terrorist attack. All of that could change tomorrow, but it is nevertheless remarkable that we still haven’t been hit. Instead what we have seen is a series of failed attempts to attack the homeland. From the shoe-bomber to the Christmas day bomber to this most recent Times Square bomber, none of them has succeeded.
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This Means War

I just heard the news that the Christian rock band Petra is getting back together for a reunion tour. This is beyond belief, but I say more power to them. Greg Volz not John Schlitt will be lead singer.

For those of you who can’t remember or haven’t heard of Petra, you can check them out below. You will see that, for some unexplained reason, tortured and confused teenager dude was a running motif in their videos from the late 80’s. Continue Reading →


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