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‘On Faith’ on Gay ‘Marriage’

The ‘On Faith’ blog (a joint venture of The Washington Post and Newsweek) is hosting a discussion about the religious case for gay “marriage.” The topic is inspired by last week’s Newsweek cover story by Lisa Miller (which I wrote about here). Panelists include those from the religious left and right. Albert Mohler, Leith Anderson, and Charles Colson are among those representing the biblical view.

Colson has a good word about Miller’s call for ‘inclusiveness':

‘Miller admits that the argument for a biblical support of gay marriage is usually not made from any particular passage but from, as scholar Walter Brueggemann puts it, “the general conviction that the Bible is bent toward inclusiveness.”

‘Miller is only partly right.

‘Christ’s invitation to sinners to come and find salvation truly does go out to all. But this invitation is not to stay as we are. The Bible is inclusive in this–all of us have the same opportunity to turn from our sins, whether that is the sin of pride, unbelief, greed, or any number of sexual sins, including the kinds made by patriarchs, modern homosexuals, and everyday covenant breakers. God loves us enough that he won’t leave us as he finds us.’

Amen to that.

James Kushiner on Single-Issue Voting

James Kushiner of Touchstone magazine has some apt reflections on the idea of single-issue voting:

‘But the labeling of some voters—all, it seems, on the “right” and usually pro-life—as “single-issue” voters, as if they are narrow-minded and unthinking participants in our national life, seems quite narrow-minded itself. . . Continue Reading →

“Pro-lifers” for Obama

The editorial in the latest issue of Touchstone magazine is spot on in its appraisal of “pro-lifers” who supported Obama for President:

‘The role of “pro-lifers” in the Obama campaign was not to persuade the candidate to moderate his stand on abortion (there is no evidence that they even tried to do so) but to persuade pro-lifers to forget about the issue.’

The rest of this essay is a must-read.

“Morality Ploys: Big Bailouts & Culture War Maneuvers You Can Expect” – by James Hitchcock (Touchstone)

Newsweek Comes Out for Gay ‘Marriage’

I would be remiss not to comment on Lisa Miller’s cover story in this week’s Newsweek magazine, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage.” The title of the article says everything that you need to know about this piece. In essence, Miller argues that a right understanding of the Christian tradition would actually favor gay “marriage” rather than oppose it. She appeals to the Bible and to history to make her point.

This piece is disappointing on a number of levels, and the subsequent critiques have been sharp and justified (e.g., Albert Mohler, Christianity Today, Mollie Hemingway). For the most thorough response, see Robert Gagnon’s 23-page essay
(HT: Justin Taylor). I have little more to add to these, but a few remarks are in order. Continue Reading →

How ‘Bout Them Dawgs?!

The College post-season has been set, and the two teams that I pull for are both playing in bowl games. The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (my alma mater) will be squaring-off against Northern Illinois in the Independence Bowl. And the LSU Tigers will be meeting Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

The Bulldogs were able to sneak into this bowl because the SEC and the Big 12 didn’t have enough bowl-eligible teams to fill the slots. But that’s okay. The Bulldogs haven’t been in a bowl since 2002, and all of us Bulldog fans are grateful for whatever we can get. I think we have a good chance of winning this one.

LSU had a sub-par season, but teams like this one often go to bowls anyway. LSU has their work cut out for them in this game. Georgia Tech beat Georgia last week, and Georgia trounced LSU earlier this season. I am not so sure that the prospects look all that good for the Tigers. Nevertheless, I’ll be pulling for them. Continue Reading →

Boyce College Student Nominated for Grammy

The Protestant Reformation has come to the Grammys! On Saturday, one of our students here at Boyce College was nominated for a Grammy award. His stage name is “Flame,” and I wrote about him here in October. He’s a hip-hop artist with a gospel message—one that is rooted deeply in the reformation tradition.

According to the Grammy website, Flame’s “Our World Redeemed” has been nominated for “Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album.” has the details of the story, and the Associated Press reports that the Grammy Awards will be broadcast on February 8 on CBS. You can be sure that we’ll be pulling for Flame.

Here’s a link to Flame’s album. If you haven’t bought it yet, you really should.

Russell Moore interviewed Flame on “The Albert Mohler Program” last Spring. You can download it here or listen to it below.

Here’s Flame’s Website.

Did Pro-lifers Kill the GOP in 2008?

In yesterday’s New York Times, Ross Douthat takes on the conventional wisdom among pro-choice Republicans who blame the pro-life movement for losing the presidency in 2008 (HT: Russell Moore). Douthat notes how pro-choice GOP’ers such as Christie Todd Whitman and P. J. O’Rourke have charged uncompromising pro-lifers with alienating the American mainstream in 2008. Continue Reading →

How the BCS Should Shake-out

After the Sooners finish shellacking Mizzou tonight, I think it’s pretty clear which two teams should be appearing in the BCS championship game: Florida and Oklahoma. I hate it for Texas, but it is what it is. The BCS is already the biggest sham in sports. And if Florida and Oklahoma are not the final two in the BCS formula, then I think the BCS will not survive. How could it?

On a related but unrelated note: During the SEC championship game, the camera showed Joey and Christy Allen cheering on the Gators. Christy is Tim Tebow’s sister, and she and Joey are now missionaries in an undisclosed overseas location. Joey and Christy were members of our church in Dallas, Texas, and there’s something about Joey that some of you might appreciate.

Joey is the author of a series of children’s books called “Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers.” Each volume is a primer on deep theological truths, but pitched at the level of a small child. There are books on the Trinity, the Gospel, and the Scripture. If you have little children, you should consider buying these books.

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