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Pregnant “Man” Gives Birth

beatie_571261aHere’s the headline from the UK’s Times online: “‘Pregnant man’ Thomas Beatie gives birth for second time.” The story caught my eye because I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. I’m no medical expert, but I am pretty sure I would have heard about it if some technology were invented that actually enabled a man to conceive and give birth. But that is actually not the case here. Here’s the key paragraph from the report: Continue Reading →

Abortion and Obama’s Foreign Policy

clintonOn March 27, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech to Planned Parenthood’s annual Federation of America Awards gala, and she said the following:

“I want to assure you that reproductive rights… will be a key to the foreign policy of this Administration… I was very proud when President Obama repealed the Mexico City policy. (Applause.) As a result, nongovernmental organizations overseas can once again use U.S. funding to provide the full range of family planning services so that women and their families can get access to the healthcare that they need.”

President Obama has said that he wants to find “common ground” upon which to reduce the need for abortion. Yet notice that his Secretary of State says that expanding the abortion license abroad is “a key” part of Obama’s foreign policy. Here is a clear case where moderate-sounding rhetoric is being used to cloak a radical pro-abortion agenda.

(HT: Moral Accountability)

John Piper on Multi-Campus Churches

piperJohn Piper asks and answers the question, “What are the key issues in thinking through the multi-campus church movement?” You can listen below or read the manuscript here.

For Piper, it boils down to this:

“The issues, I think, revolve mainly around what it is to be a church: what constitutes a church, and what constitutes an eldership. . . The essential issue is: How do elders, as one, relate to a people and a unified teaching to the people? I think the preacher is an elder, and the way he relates to the people is as a shepherd. And I think it is implied in the way the New Testament puts things together that there ought to be a connection between that preaching elder and his people geographically. He ought to have access to those people. He ought to be able to go to those people and care for them, visit them in the hospital, whatever, or his band of elders should.”

What happened to CCM?

tomlinWere you ever a reader of CCM magazine? I was… sort of. I was more of a casual browser than a reader. For the uninitiated, CCM stands for “Contemporary Christian Music,” and CCM magazine was like the evangelical version of Rolling Stone. In the late 90’s when I was a student at DTS, there was one particular issue on the shelf at the DTS bookstore that caught my attention. The glossy cover featured my favorite group, Caedmon’s Call. Believe it or not, I was such a fan of the band that I actually signed-up for a one-year subscription to CCM. A more thoughtful person might have stopped to ponder that fact that subsequent issues probably wouldn’t be spotlighting my favorite group. I never read the magazines that I received in the mail, and I didn’t renew the subscription. I have long since considered the expense a bad decision. Such is life. Continue Reading →

Roger Federer Is the Man

Roger Federer made history today when he defeated Robin Soderling in the French Open final to complete his career Grand Slam. Federer dominated the match. So much so, that the most exciting thing that happened was when a loony fan ran onto the court and tried to put something on Federer’s head (watch below). Having captured his 14th Grand Slam victory, Federer is tied with Pete Sampras for the most Grand Slam titles. Federer is now officially installed in the Pantheon of Tennis greats. It was a great victory for a great champion. Continue Reading →

Damning Euphemisms

babies_1Some euphemisms are good and necessary. It’s a good thing that people talk about “going to the bathroom” rather than reporting on what they are actually about to do. In this sense, euphemisms nurture polite, wholesome conversation. In other words, they are good and necessary in a decent society.

But some euphemisms are damning in that they intentionally cover-up great evils that ought to be exposed for what they are. When a pornographic movie is billed as having “adult content,” that is a euphemism that serves to salve the seared consciences of sinners who do not want to acknowledge the evil of pornography. Inasmuch as the euphemism provides comfort to a conscience that ought to be afflicted, the euphemism is damning. It simply becomes a cover for evil that ought to be a source of outrage in a just society. Continue Reading →

Reproductive Technologies, Sexual Ethics, and ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’

tlcJulie Vermeer Elliott has a hard-hitting article in Christianity Today on “Evangelicals and the Making of Jon & Kate Plus 8.” She argues that evangelicals have been undiscerning in placing “Jon & Kate” on a spiritual pedestal. Long before marital infidelity was alleged, evangelicals were willing to overlook Jon and Kate’s “materialism, narcissism, and exploitation of children.”

Elliott also questions the propriety of the reproductive technologies that were used to produce the eight children who star in this reality show. She writes: Continue Reading →

Free MP3: ‘The Don’t Song’

I’m a big fan of “Johnny and Chachi.” They have put together an impressive body of work, much of which I have featured on this blog. Johnny and Chachi have recently decided to make their hit single “The Don’t Song” available for free download. Now, not only can you watch the video on YouTube, but you can also listen to this classic hit on your iPod as well. Enjoy!

“The Don’t Song” by Johnny and Chachi

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