American Paganism

“The evidence that a culture is descending into paganism is always manifest in the body count. A pagan culture is always a culture of death. This was true in the ancient Near East and it is true in modern America. . . Today the unborn, the partially born, and the handicapped newly born are daily sacrificed to the false gods of ‘choice,’ ‘autonomy,’ ‘self-fulfullment,’ ‘compassion,’ and ‘liberation,’ on stainless steel altars, by priests robed in surgical whites, in storefront temples, run by the keepers of the cult, like Planned Parenthood.”

—Robert P. George, “Un-American Idols: on the Foolproof Test for Paganism” Touchstone (March 2007), p. 15

The rest of Robert George’s essay is just brilliant. But you cannot read it if you are not a subscriber to Touchstone. If you are not a subscriber, you should be. Click here to sign-up now. You’ll be glad you did.

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